15 Top-Notch Ideas How to Refresh Your Home Interior in 2022

15 Top-Notch Ideas How to Refresh Your Home Interior in 2022

January 27, 2022 8 min. read
Home Blog 15 Top-Notch Ideas How to Refresh Your Home Interior in 2022

“Luxury is when it seems flawless, when you reach the right balance between all elements. Understated theatricality – that is what my luxury is all about!”

New Year starts with new beginnings....Somebody alters their surroundings, somebody needs a new job or opportunities, yet the most popular way to refresh your environment is to change something at home. Our homes are developing a mix of all the things we adore. So with the latest season trends, we've prepared for you top ideas on how to upgrade your home with the best result. 

Natural Colors in The Home Interior

Cream Sofa Slipcover

Within a period of home isolation, it's no surprise that we're being pulled to nature. Pure tones, sincere feelings, and great emotions allow us to forget for some time about all the current word troubles. So if you're spending most of your time at home, it's good to look for anything nature-inspired for your home interior. 

Cute Home Accessories

There should be anything special at home that would prevent you from being stuck in a rut and bring a bit of fun to your life! Our sofa and chair slipcovers are a perfect solution for that! They protect your furniture from any scratches or stains that disappoint everyone so much! In addition, a variety of colors and fabrics allows you to change a slipcover regarding your mood. So stay at home and be trendy!

Minimum Details in Home Decoration

Is your house constantly full of staff that irritates you? Then, in 2022 it's high time to clean it up! Indeed, minimalism improves the general livability of space in spite of featuring rarer creature conveniences. Furthermore, by emphasizing the central purpose of a room, it's much more comfortable to focus on primary day-to-day assignments. Nothing reflects you from work, playing with a child or pet.

Houseplants for Everyone

Black Sofa Slipcover

What about making an oasis just inside our homes? No, you don't need to plan a palm, yet, why not? There are thousands of easy-to-care-for house plants such as succulents that could give you both more energy and oxygen. Spending more time at home-planting more flowers, doesn't it seem to be proper? Real ones or fakes-it's up to you, so make sure you don't end up watering the fakes and ignoring the real ones!

Smooth Shapes

This trend marks the human body’s natural angles and investigates the fluid lines and spherical shapes back to nature. Although inherently calming, it can still feature some showcasing pieces, lending itself to furniture, making it more restful. You don’t need to rearrange the whole house for such a trend. Switch on creativity, and the game begins! 

Multi-Use Space Forever

As our homes also became our offices, numerous people are thinking about how nice it would be to make the space at home meet all the current needs that have become more enduring. Consequently, in 2022 all the rooms will be designed to serve more than just one role. Innovate or die, guys!


Back to Retro Home Style

Mille Righe Slipcover

A touch of the retro style is more than enough to recharge your home. Mild hints of charred orange, greens, and warm neutrals would brighten up any interior and bring you back to the past—a pretty good idea for those missing recent years.

Long-Lasting Furniture Handling

There is one more trend for 2022 - returning to a lasting fashion. Consumerism captivated the whole world, and undoubtedly, it would not disappear in a moment. Yet, global changes have taught us to save more than spend. It concerns home style as well. It's better to buy a high-quality thing than waste money on the same one again so soon. Does it sound wise? We think so and do our best to protect your furniture from any damage!

Green — Color of the Year

Green color or “Evergreen Fog” as it’s named in a new way, has already captivated thousands of hearts. This color is something between green and gray, it blends the faith and steadiness of a blue color as well. Something new...something that is worth applying!

A Velvet Dream

Brown Velvet Slipcover

In 2022 materials likewise, keep more delicate shapes. Velvet, for instance, is a luxurious fabric that can immediately upgrade an interior on the whole. It is undoubtedly an attractive fabric for living rooms and bedrooms. Feel free to contrast the tenderness with metal accents, and you'll become a trendsetter among all your friends!

Style Fusion

Fusion interior home design is innovative to include an eclectic mix of two or more details and develop a cohesive interior. A composite of chosen elements is unlimited in producing inspired original ideas and views for 2022. Wanna combine anything special? Colors? Shapes? Welcome!

Japandi Design 

This is a Scandinavian-Japanese mix for interior design. It brings a lot of true-to-life details into a space with natural light. Remember about nature? It's everywhere, we told you that! Green and pink colors are still in favour, so wanna paint your walls into some of these shades? You bet!

Hi-Tech Boom

Grey Loveseat Slipcover

Along with pure nature, technologies won't stop processing. Digitized home interior design was already growing before the COVID boom. Nevertheless, currently, homeowners have practiced social distancing. As a result, we see the effectiveness of online interior design becoming even more apparent and demanded in 2022. Lots of decor apps are currently being developed, where you can choose everything digitally-from the slipcover color to how it would suit the whole home interior. Unfortunately, the more we're isolated, the more we're becoming tech-dependent.

DIY Remains Stable

A penny saved is a penny earned! Purchase only reputable home accessories, and you'll be surprised how much you can save! You hardly need an expert or somebody with "good taste." Your house-your rules! Spend a weekend with your family creating a wooden table or a shoe shelf, and be proud of yourself!

Outdoor Rooms 

One of the most suitable ways to work and relax at home is to make internal space outdoors. There have been meaningful advances in outdoor textiles a short time ago, permitting manufacturers to produce stylish and long-lasting outdoor sofas, tablelands, seats, and other home necessities. Add a TV set or Playstation, and you'll get the best living room ever!

What’s more to Expect?

Undoubtedly, these fifteen trends of the New 2022 Year will transform our homes, the way we live, spend time, work, and play computer games. So get ready for notable changes and appreciate your current role! What other modifications do you feel will happen in 2022? Share your thoughts!

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