Reclining Armchair Slipcovers
Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Microfibra Collection Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Microfibra Collection
Price from $129.99
Blue Blue Burgundy Burgundy Dark Brown Dark Brown Dark Grey Dark Grey Cream Cream More
Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Velvet Collection Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Velvet Collection
Price from $97.99
Blue Blue Burgundy Burgundy Brown Brown Grey Grey Ivory Ivory More
Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Mille Righe Collection
Price from $134.99
Burgundy Burgundy Brown Brown Camel Camel Dark Grey Dark Grey Blue Blue More
Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Jacquard 3D Collection Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Jacquard 3D Collection
Price from $139.99
Beige Arabesco Beige Arabesco Beige Vento Beige Vento Grey Arabesco Grey Arabesco Brown Arabesco Brown Arabesco Beige Artistico Beige Artistico More
Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Microfibra Printed Collection Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Microfibra Printed Collection
Price from $64.99
Vittoria Blue Vittoria Blue Vittoria Burgundy Vittoria Burgundy Vittoria Brown Vittoria Brown Vittoria Grey Vittoria Grey Mossy Grey Mossy Grey More
Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Fuco Velvet Collection Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Fuco Velvet Collection
Price from $69.99
Navy Blue Navy Blue Teal Teal Champagne Champagne Grey Grey Brown Brown More
Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Fuco Cotton Collection Reclining Armchair Slipcover, Fuco Cotton Collection
Price from $134.99
Terracotta Terracotta Grey Grey Sage Green Sage Green Cream Cream Tan Tan More

Reclining Armchair Slipcovers

How to keep a recliner chair clean without spending money on dry cleaning? Reclining sofa slipcovers can protect it from spills, stains, pet fur, and dirt. They are your first supporters in case any accidents occur. You can stop worrying if guests happen to forget your house rules and eat chicken wings on the chair. A cover for reclining chair got you covered! Also, recliner chair covers complete the home interior. The variety of colors and textures lets you experiment with design and change the whole look of your living space even every day. Emerald green Wednesday, velvet burgundy Friday, and traditional blue Sunday are to your service.

Why are recliner chairs worth the try?

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A recliner guarantees the most comfortable seating possible while slipcovers ensure many years of its use. The furniture fabric wears out and fades with time, but recliner chair slipcovers prevent such a fate. Premium Italian quality makes our sofa couch covers long-lasting and wear-resistant. Many movie theaters offer reclining armchairs for their guests so they can be a great choice for movie nights at home too. Take popcorn and bring the footrest forward! And no matter what size of recliner you have, a slipcover for recliners enhances their lines and perfectly fits.  

Slipcovers for recliner chairs in the room interior

Description Image 13If your furniture looks old and faded, armchair slipcovers come in handy as a budget-savvy feature here. Affordable prices let you play with colors and textures and freshen up your living space whenever you want to. So, follow these tips to get the most out of your slipcover:

  • Velvet. Pleasant to touch and extremely soft, velvet fabric adds up coziness to the space. It complements rich colors and creates a sophisticated vibe around. 

  • Patterns & Prints. Abstract prints perfectly fit any interior without radically altering but complementing it. Recliner chair slipcovers with patterns also come in our Jacquard 3D collection.

  • Teal. Combining calming blue and rejuvenating green, teal refreshes the scene. Such chair covers for recliners balance the color palette in the room and make it look more elegant.

  • Grey. Versatile and immortal, grey never goes out of style. If you seek a sophisticated look, choose this neutral color for a refined background. 

Advantages of Mamma Mia recliner chair slipcoversDescription Image 14

For years we at Mamma Mia Covers have been delivering premium Italian-made slipcovers to households across the USA. Aside from being a convenient website for online shopping, we offer the best selection of products and personalized experiences.
  • Unique fabric technology. Our recliner chair covers have stretchability of up to 120%. Such unique technology ensures that slipcovers within their fitting range perfectly fit any furniture piece without altering its shape. 

  • Universal size. Mamma Mia's recliner chair slipcovers fit most sofa types and brands, such as Ikea, West Elm, Pottery Barn, American Signature, and more. You can install them in less than three minutes and enjoy the upholstery-like feeling they provide.

  • Stunning designs. The variety of colors and fabrics available on our website allows you to turn your room into a Pinterest-like spot. If you want to keep up with the design trends, choose recliner chair covers in bold and vivid colors. And if you are a fan of calm and mild colors, our catalog has them too! From pastel Jacquard 3D to festy Velvet, all collections have something just for you.

  • Hypoallergenic material. All slipcovers from our catalog are made of 100% hypoallergenic materials with skin-friendly pH, meaning no allergic reactions can occur from contact with the fabric. Kid and pet-friendly slipcover for recliner chair is also a wise decision for big households. 

  • Easy to care for & maintain. All slip covers for recliner chair are machine washable. Whenever you spill a drink, slip food, or let a dog on a chair after a walk, you can just remove a cover and throw it in a washing machine. Our premium slipcovers maintain color and shape after up to 120 washes.

How to buy recliner chair covers?

All you need to do to buy recliner chair covers is place an order. But before that, make sure you got the measurements of your recliner right. Simply measure the back of your reclining chair and that's the only measurement you need! Then, pick your favorite color and place an order. If you want to check how our reclining armchair or reclining loveseat slipcover looks in real life go to the customer feedback section on the website. All slipcovers are shipped from our US warehouses. The delivery is free for orders over $99 and normally takes from 3 to 5 business days.

⭐ What material is this cover made of? Depending on the collection, the composition of the fabric can be different. Reclining armchair slipcovers from the Microfibra collection are made from 100% polyester, while the slipcovers from Mille Righe are made from 40% to 60% polyester and cotton respectively. All our models are bi-elastic and can easily fit even slightly larger furniture.
✴️ Is this slipcover machine washable? Yes, all reclining armchair slipcovers are safe to wash in a washing machine. The only thing to keep in mind is that they should only be washed at a gentle setting, and no harsh chemicals can be used. This will help prevent them from discoloration.
❗ How can I pay for my slipcover? At Mamma Mia Covers, we accept all major payments, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Shop Pay, and Google Pay. So, you can pay for your order with any of the options that you find most convenient for you.
✈️ Do you offer free shipping? For all orders over $99 within the contiguous USA, we offer free-of-charge shipping. If the delivery is to be shipped outside the contiguous USA, the price will vary depending on the courier.