8 Chic Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

8 Chic Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

How to decorate your home for Christmas? What if we say that Christmas decorations go beyond green and red garlands? "Experts of Chic" came together to create this list of outstanding ideas to make your house look festive yet elegant this year!

Old-timers, don’t get frustrated though! Keep your beloved stockings and wreath, just make space for brand-new interior solutions. Among designer-approved ideas, there are evergreen garlands, functional burgundy slipcovers, seasonal accents on bookshelves, and many more Сhristmasy vibes!

Let’s unpack elegant Christmas decorating ideas now!

1. Go casual


grey sofa slipcover velvet


To all symmetry lovers trying to find one perfect place for that decor, take a deep breath. Add a bit of wildness to this Christmas! Let the easygoing vibe in: instead of tightly wrapping a garland around the stairs, drape a loose stand down there.

Holiday home decorations ideas manifest: don’t get anxious if the stockings or a wreath hang chaotically, let them live their own life. 

2. Step up your garland game


velvet sofa slipcovers


Among ideas for Christmas decorations inside your house is hanging long evergreen garlands all over the place instead of generic hanging lights. Remember that the holiday doesn’t entail extra effort, but extra fun! To make your guests feel cozy celebrating this day, put an evergreen garland above a door frame.

Greenery will create a special atmosphere and remind us of what Christmas is actually about: getting together and being there despite a snowstorm outside. 

3. Try unexpected colors


mango sofa slipcover microfibra


As for Christmas decor ideas for living room, we got a palette of extraordinary colors. 

Instead of going solely with traditional white, red & green, add some new colors to your interior. Only imagine how mango — not a fruit but a color! — on your furniture would spice up the ordinary scene.

A good option would be going with tints of traditional colors: instead of green choose calming teal, instead of red passionate burgundy. Here, a simple slipcover can change the color of your couch or armchair in one move.

If you like to bake Italian panettone for Christmas dinner, then you’ll definitely fall in love with the Italian-made furniture slipcovers. Except for the refreshing color, the mango armchair cover will protect from pet fur, food crumbs, and drinks spilling.

You know that dry cleaning during the post-Christmas period ain’t cheap, and this is where budget-savvy slipcovers come in handy!

4. Don't forget about the bedroom


white bed & headboard cover microfibra


Christmas decorations ideas include bedroom makeovers too. Bring a jolly spirit into the most sacred room in the house with garlands. Drape them over the mirror, doorframe, or chandelier. If you’re ready to deal with needles, go with real garlands. The presence of nature contributes to coziness and creates an interior magazine "Christmas edition" image.

Most often we give it all to living room decoration and forget about the bedroom. The easiest way to make it look festive in a few minutes is to put a slipcover on your bed frame.

Such a significant color change won’t need any extra decorations to complete a holiday look. Simple as that!

5. Improvise with ornaments and patterns


vittoria red sofa slipcover microfibra printed


Add a fun twist with geometric ornaments and patterns in your interior. Minimalism and sophisticated decor choices will spruce up your Christmas game. Incorporate golden accents into your neutral color scheme.

To combine them with geometry, use a printed slipcover on your couch and make an elegant statement.

6. Go vintage


ivory armchair slipcover velvet


How do people decorate for Christmas without spending a fortune? They style their favorite antiques for the holiday! If you're lucky to have vintage furniture, place it in the center of your living room. 

To protect that priceless piece, go with a premium slipcover. Preserve a unique design from accidents and make use of festive jacquard print to create an elegant look. 

7. Add holiday flair to your shelves

Don’t leave shelves and sideboards empty, going all over with a Christmas tree. To get a full-package holiday look, take care of every corner of the house.

If you wonder “how to decorate my house for Christmas if it’s small”, check out this list:

  • Place miniature vintage tabletop trees and bowls with ornaments on your shelves.
  • Fix a faux Christmas tree on the top shelf to create the effect of a chandelier.
  • Use a golden and silver spray to add sparkle to the shelves.

If your dwelling lacks space, don’t worry about missing out on a giant tree, a few simple bookshelves can help you with much-needed holiday flair. 

8. Keep it simple


white sofa slipcover velvet


Christmas decorations indoor ideas for you, minimalist lovers! Go with wintery white in your interior as the main color. A combination of snow-dusted garlands, ivory table napkins, and white lights will bring cool tones yet not make the space look completely plain. To make your house look like a real winter wonderland, use fake snow. It will make bold red and green ornaments look even more dazzling. 

Dress up your furniture in white too! Put on an Italian slipcover to top off the wintery scene. It’s easy to clean and machine washable so you don’t need to worry about possible stains. 

What Christmas house decor ideas will you definitely use this year? Share the article with your friends and family to prepare together!