Declutter your home in May: 8 Expert Tips

Declutter your home in May: 8 Expert Tips

It's a perfect time to get rid of the things you no longer use, right? How about decluttering the entire home? Does it seem unbelievable to you? Don't worry, we've got it covered and prepared tips. With their help you will be able to declutter your home and not spend a lot of effort and nerves. This task may seem challenging enough. But often this happens because you don’t have a clear plan and start jumping from one task to another without completing the previous one. What to do then? Let’s figure it out!

Make the most of Marie Kondo method

Many people prefer to clean each room separately. How about trying to tidy up the categories of your items instead of location? You can easily divide personal belongings into different subcategories and deal with each of them. Using the KonMari method, only those things that you truly care about will remain in your home. If the item doesn’t bring special emotions, then you better get rid of it. After you sort things out, you can place them into rooms they belong to.

How to update free space without extra clutter

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Have you noticed that the rooms are starting to look more like a warehouse when you continue purchasing new decor? When you want to buy something new the first piece of advice is to think about where you can put it and whether it will look harmonious with all other furniture and decor elements. Don’t forget to get rid of one old item when buying something new. Spring always encourages the desire to update your home. You don't have to spend lots of money on new furniture. You can purchase, for example, a new slipcover for your sofa, which will refresh the room and save the budget from unnecessary expenses instead.

Declutter kitchen space

Do you agree that there are always things in the kitchen that we hardly use even once a year? So why don't you get rid of them? You can put them in boxes and hide somewhere in a closet, or give them to your loved ones who will appreciate such a gift. Carefully inspect the furniture in the kitchen. If dining chairs require replacements but you are on a tight budget, our advice is to opt for new and stylish dining chair slipcovers. Cleaning them takes much less time and saves money. Choose ones that you can clean in the washing machine. But when it comes to shabby hand towels, you should replace them with new ones.

Laundry Room Organizing Ideas

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A well-organized laundry room can not only be a place where you clean your clothes but also a cozy room in the house. Start implementing these ideas and you’ll see how it will look within a short time:

  • Divide clothes by colors.
  • Implement hanging closet organizing ideas.
  • Install a countertop above your washing machine to get additional space for your creative storage ideas.
  • Don't use plastic baskets. It’s better to replace them with stylish and eco-friendly elements.
  • Use foldable items in your laundry room to free up some space. The drying rack shouldn't take up a lot of space.
  • Drawers can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can use it to hide your ironing board.
  • A hanging rack system is a perfect idea for tiny items. Install it on the door and you’ll have easy access to all cleaning supplies.
  • Don’t use too many detergents. Give preference to universal cleaners that will save you not only space but also money. Remember that it’s important to have both multi-purpose cleaners and surfaces that won’t take much time and effort to care for.
  • You know firsthand how difficult it can be to care for upholstered furniture. So instead of choosing a cleaning product, consider buying slipcovers for your sofa or bed. Spend time with your loved ones instead of tiresome decluttering and cleaning.
  • Traditional folding seems boring? Then roll your towels so they could look more stylish.
  • Moving laundry organizers can be a great idea when you want to forget about clutter. 
  • Would you like to have all your necessary things accessible and hidden at the same time? How about hanging them on door hooks?
  • Before you purchase bottles and jars think about the exact size you need. Maybe a little glass jar will be enough for you instead of that bulky bottle?

Tip: Use protective gear when working with cleaning products: don't forget about rubber gloves, a mask, and goggles. You'll protect your skin from unpleasant irritation because of strong chemicals.

Kid's Area

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Tidy up children’s toys

We are sure that you still have toys that your children have stopped playing with. Perhaps they are tired of them or they just grew up. Collect both regular toys and video games and decide what you will do with them. You can sell them or give them to your friends who have younger children. Or you can always donate to charity.

Declutter the desk area.

 The school year is almost over, so you already know exactly which stationery your child uses and which does not. Feel free to clean up what children don’t use. Buy a proper desk organizer and put the necessary stationery there. 

Divide clothes

Now is a great time to hide your winter clothes and take your summer ones out.  If you still have belongings that your children have grown out of, then prepare a box for them too.

Closet organizer ideas

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Struggling when trying to keep your closet clutter-free? If it is difficult for you even to close the door, then you need to fix it. Use these tips to succeed in the tough task:

Customize your closet. Use additional storage items, racks, and shelves if necessary.

You can use additional compartments for your personal belongings.

Pull-out drawers could be a great solution for getting easy access to your items.

Choose multi-purpose things

The abundance of different products on the market allows you to choose things that will not only be beautiful but also as practical as possible. Many devices will fit your decor while performing their main function. Forget about using different chargers for each device and clutter in the workplace. It is better to choose one universal charger that is suitable for many gadgets. A huge number of cords won’t be a problem anymore.

Declutter your entryway

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This place shouldn’t look like a dump. Put away all the things you don't use first, then vacuum the doormats and floors. Wash mirrors and doors.

Spring is a perfect time for decluttering. You are full of energy to clean the home from top to bottom. Each homeowner knows it. We are confident that these tips will help you keep your home neat while also saving time and money.