Give your mother's living room a makeover as a Mother's Day present. We can help!

Give your mother's living room a makeover as a Mother's Day present. We can help!

April 29, 2022 7 min. read
Home Blog Give your mother's living room a makeover as a Mother's Day present. We can help!

Mother's Day is right behind the corner, and it’s time to think about the best gift for your mom. Make ordinary gifts seem boring? We’re sure you want to show your mother all your love and respect with the best gift possible so forget about banal presents. How about presenting something special instead? How about freshening up her living room and making it cozier? Your mom will be delighted with such care. We have prepared the best ideas for Mother’s day gifts that you can easily prepare in a week.

Organize a Crafting Space

Beige Sofa Slipcover Jacquard

Does your mother like knitting, sewing, or doing something crafty? How about setting up a dedicated space in the living room for her favorite hobby? It’s a fantastic decision. You can make a cozy nook by collecting all the things that will fit in the drawer. The functional wall art will also be a great house accessories idea, which will give comfort and individuality. Another plus is that things won’t be scattered across all rooms now.

Set up a Small Office at Home

Black Office Chair Slipcover Microfibra

Is your mom one of those women who spend a lot of time working from home? Or does she bring extra work home from the office? If it’s just about your mom, organizing space for a home office will be the perfect gift for Mother's Day. You need to pick up a beautiful desk and chair to do this. You can polish her old desk instead of buying a new one. And for an office chair, just buy a slipcover of a beautiful shade that can fit the decor of the entire living room harmoniously. Choosing a room part with good internet and enough light is essential. Don’t clutter the space with many office supplies, which she doesn’t need to be always at hand. You can put them into separate boxes with stickers and store them in another room.

Make her sofa nook as comfortable as possible 

White L-Shape Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

We can’t imagine a living room without a beautiful sofa. This is exactly the part of the upholstered furniture that creates comfort for the whole room. You don't have to buy a new sofa. It will be enough to add such home accessories as soft blankets and decorative pillows. If you want to give your sofa a new look, it’s better to choose slipcovers. Select products that are not only beautiful but also easy to clean and pet-friendly. Take advantage of picking slipcovers for both the sofa and pillows. Be sure that your mom will be delighted with such a decision!

Home cleaning

What could look better than a clean house? If your mother doesn’t have the time or energy to clean, you can do it for her. If you don’t want or don’t like doing it by yourself, you can buy a gift certificate for the services of a cleaning company. Now your mom can have a happy mother’s day and a clean house.

Create a Reading Corner

Ivory Armchair Slipcover Velvet

Maybe your mom likes to spend time reading an interesting book or magazine? So why don’t you organize a place where it will be most convenient for them? That's great if your mom's house has a window seat. You can arrange everything around it. If not, put a chair near the window, so the maximum light falls on it. You can buy a new chair or just get a new slipcover to make it look new. It’ll be nice if you install a bookshelf or even a bookcase with her favorite books and add some new ones. You can add a small coffee table. After all, spending time with a cup of tea or coffee will be pleasant for her. If you want to make this part of the living room even more private, you can divide the space with a beautiful curtain.

Make a gift with your own hands

Grey Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

Our mom is a special person like any other! Therefore, the gift should also be unique. If you like to create new things with your own hands and have unique home design ideas, then one of the best options is to make a gift by yourself. Many underestimate such presents. Just think, what could be more valuable than our time? You put all your love and care into this gift by making something with your own hands. If you’re ready to do something special, choose from this list or come up with your original idea:

  • Fabric flowers to decorate something in her living-room
  • Hand molds can decorate a space like a piece of art.
  • Personalized hanging artworks
  • Custom-made ombre vase.
  • An original photo cube that will decorate her living room with your photos together

DIY Shelves 

Cream Futon Slipcover Microfibra

Looking at the shelves you made, mom will never forget what work you did in honor of her memorable holiday. Specify the wall in the living room that fits best, select materials, and get to work. Wooden shelves are a great solution. She’ll be able to put plants there or decorate with souvenirs and knick-knacks.

Canvas Photos

How many memories do you have in your head? Wouldn't it be better to place them on the walls of the living room as canvas photos? Let the most pleasant memories always be in sight. Then, you won’t just please your mom, but improve the home design in her living room.

Personalized Items

Green Sofa Slipcover Grey Sofa Slipcover Velvet

The choice of unique gifts is enormous! You can personalize lots of things to make them significant.  Be sure that whatever you choose will make the living room a more comfortable place for your mom. You can choose one of the following:

  • Custom keychains
  • personalized mugs
  • Specially made bangles
  • Customized wine glasses
  • Made-to-order mason jars
  • Custom-made office supplies
  • Custom wristlets
  • Personalized recyclable shopping bags
  • Original decorative trivets
  • Custom-made photo calendars
  • Personalized candles
  • Original candlesticks
  • DIY embellishing vase
  • Original puzzle with your family photo.

Finding the perfect gift is a challenge especialy for the most important person in you life. We  hope our present ideas throught her living room makeover can help you to make your mother happy!!

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