How to Fit your Home Office into the House Interior

How to Fit your Home Office into the House Interior

May 27, 2022 8 min. read
Home Blog How to Fit your Home Office into the House Interior

Two years ago our work situation changed forever. We left our offices in high-rise buildings and replaced daily meetings with Zoom calls. 

Now we have our desks in bedrooms or living rooms. You are a lucky one if you have a separate room for your office. Children running around, dog barking and husband/wife talking over the phone — all can be really distracting. So the most important thing while working remotely is productivity. It is very hard to keep it this way so we need extra help. Here comes home office design.

Organizing your working space and desk is important to set the right mood and minimize procrastination. Creating your own home office is the key element to staying  focused. Get inspired and have yourself an oasis where no one can disturb you. Follow our tips to make your home office functional and attractive to fit the house interior.   


To have enough space for your laptop or your notebook, declutter it first. A messy room just makes it much harder to think clearly. Make sure you have as much space as possible.

Take a trash bin and throw all unnecessary things out. Don’t feel sorry. 

Useful advice: get rid of piles of documents. Use a digital filing system, either Dropbox or hard drive. You can quickly and easily find anything you need there using a keyword. Save your desk from messy paperwork. And, help the environment at the same time by saving trees!

Keep essentials only. The less you have, the longer you can work. Go minimalistic and have no distractions. 

Take care of comfy sitting

Green Reclining Armchair Slipcover Velvet

Your back deserves some care. Sitting all day long doesn't make you healthier, but causes a lot of problems with your back and neck. If you want to continue working and earning money, get yourself a comfortable chair.

And to make it even more comfy, get a slipcover for it. Extremely stretchable, it takes only 2 minutes to install. You can spill your coffee on it, stain it with a pen or cat fur and - at the same time - not worry that you have to buy a new chair. 

All slipcovers are machine washable. Made of Italian microfiber, the fabric is also water repellent. Win-win! It perfectly fits any type of chair.

The variety of slipcover colors helps you stay creative with home office decor. The product maintains color and shape after up to 120 washes.

Organize the desk

Black Office Chair Slipcover Microfibra

Keep only the necessary items on the desk, so you don’t look for them in a hurry whenever you need them. Make sure your desk is free from clutter.

If you have a windowsill nearby, place a small storage basket there. Put all your stationery, paperclips, notebooks and anything you need in close distance. Additionally, you can get a desk organizer or matching cups for pens, highlighters and pencils. 

Do you wear computer glasses? If you do, it is important to protect your eyesight and your eye glasses. So - it is recommended to get a marble tray for them. Throwing glasses on the desk may damage them. Create an accent spot that will do the job. 

Since the desk has now become your second home inside the house, let it be perfect!

Pick lighting

If you don’t have big windows to ensure natural light, take care of a quality lamps. The ones that direct light only to specific spots (to your laptop, for instance) or to the entire desk. It depends on your purpose. 

You should have enough light to pull all-nighters and work when it’s dark outside. Otherwise, you would strain your eyes and get tired very quickly.

Get wall lights, table lights, bookshelf and niche lighting combined with pendants and chandeliers. Put extra lighting to the places where other lamps can’t reach. The Brighter the room is, the more focused you are. 

Create a view

Grey Sofa Slipcover Velvet

If the view outside gets you up more than your  coffee does, then you need to have your desk face a window or a balcony. Looking at something inspiring always boosts you more than staring at the empty wall. 

Add a lamp to the desk for all-nighters when you watch the city falling asleep and work like those movie characters. Warm lights and proper view can do magic when it comes to coffee-no-longer-helps situations. 

But for those who don’t have such a view, create one. Put a selection of plants on the further side of the desk, or hang artwork or a large foliant print on. They can even replace window views. If you go with green color, it would resemble trees and bushes outside. Even during winter. 

Add points to inspire 

Purple Office Chair Slipcover Microfibra

Enjoying art? Put a piece on the wall near your desk. It will inspire you and please your eye. Art fuels creativity and enhances home design. If you want to relieve stress and stimulate productivity, get yourself an abstract piece or a Klimt's copy. But don’t let his golden Kiss inspire you to procrastinate instead.  

Another way to get in the right mood is to play with colors!

Slipcovers are great for an occasional home office look change.  Establish your own colorful week: Monday Olive, Tuesday Mango, Friday Cherry and so on. It can be so much fun! Imagine spinning around in a chair and feeling that soft and pleasant to touch fabric. Heaven! Or colleagues complimenting on your chair during a video conference. Simple things to brighten up your working routine. 

What’s your happy color? They are often associated with bright shades. For example, yellow is mood-boosting and it is considered the happiest color in the world. But it can also be overstimulating so you may want to go with warm colors instead. They promote happy feelings. Blue indeed relieves stress and green sets a peaceful tone. Play with a color palette from our catalog and see what slipcover color resonates with you the most. 

Virtual visualization helps a lot to make a choice when ordering online. And reduces the need to return products if they look differently from the ones on the website. No more expectation - only reality.

Get yourself a cup of coffee and let the magical morning begin! Home office set up can be attractive and can easily fit into your house interior. Follow our tips and organize the office of your dreams, especially since you didn’t have one at your work place. 

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