How to Summer-Proof Your Home Office in 2022

How to Summer-Proof Your Home Office in 2022

In recent years, more and more people have moved to work remotely, and this reality has led to new questions like how to stay productive and efficient when working from home. The first task is to organize a comfortable workspace in your house in the summer.

Many of us love summer, but when it comes to high temperatures, it's better to have some strategy in place as to how to deal with those in your home office.

By taking advantage of little creativity and preparation, you’ll succeed in keeping your home office cool. In this article, we’ll explain how to weatherproof your house and what key points you need to focus on to achieve this purpose without breaking the bank.

Get a portable air cooler

We suffer from the heat the most during the summer months. To solve this problem, it's better to get a portable air cooler. Setting the ideal room temperature for you will not be a difficult task. 

In addition, many air coolers have some extra features on board, such as air purification. Just think about it: the quality of the indoor air can be 5 times lower compared to the outdoor! So, an air purification feature will come in handy.

Another advantage is that many 2-in-1 devices combine an air cooler with a heater. So, once the cold winter days get closer, you'll only need to switch the unit to a different mode and enjoy the warmth of your home. 

Close the curtains

If your windows face west or south, you’ll definitely feel the heat from the sun rays that break into your house. Just keep your blinds closed when you're out of the office. 

By doing so, you will be able to lower the indoor temperature by a few degrees. You can also use special thermal-backed curtains which are also great at blocking sun rays.

Replace heavy textures

Texture can say a lot about your space and it has a huge impact on how you feel. Here, the main rule is to change them according to the season. While in winter you may feel as comfortable as possible wrapped in a warm woolen blanket, in the summer it is better to exchange it for one of a lighter fabric. Heavy winter carpets can be replaced with sisal rugs, for example.

Add colors

Pillow Slipcovers Microfibra

Adding new shades is one of the easiest and most effective ways to turn your place of living from a grim winter into a joyful summer. So, save the moody colors for another season by going with bold hues instead:

  • Opt for bright colors in furniture. By the way, you don't have to spend a lot of money on transforming your home and bother buying new items. Simply get high-quality slipcovers for your upholstery. This is how you'll refresh the room with an interesting color palette and protect your upholstered furniture for many years, all at the same time. 
  • Explore stylish pillows by choosing summery hues that work well with other colors and textures.
  • Use stylish decorative elements to add some color to your home office.
  • Hang colorful and eye-catching artwork.

Keep inactive electronics unplugged

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Try to keep devices unplugged if you don't need them because active electronics tend to influence the indoor temperature too. 

You don’t need to keep the printer turned on if you only use it once a week. Turn off the TV that generates heat. Develop the habit of plugging your devices into a power strip and turning it off once you stop working.

Stay hydrated

Remember to drink enough water. By staying hydrated, you'll cool yourself and won't feel too stressed. By the way, maintaining a proper water balance will also help you keep your energy levels high while working, and stay more productive for longer.

Play with location

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The great benefit of a remote job is an opportunity to work any time from almost anywhere, meaning you can change the location based on your needs. Just grab your laptop and work outside your house.

A garden or a backyard will be a lifesaver, especially on hot summer days. You can also play with your schedule and dedicate evenings to energy-demanding tasks — when it's not that hot. 

We all know that our productivity directly depends on our comfort, and we hope that you'll appreciate these small tips we came up with today. Such simple and budget-friendly ways of improving your home office will be the best investment in your comfort and well-being while working from home!