3 Best Cozy Interior Ideas for Living Space Makeover

3 Best Cozy Interior Ideas for Living Space Makeover

The most used space in the house is the living room. After a long hard working day we all want to come home and relax on our favorite couch. Have our family around and have a sincere conversation. So creating a space that takes care of you and helps create a right atmosphere is extremely important.

As Memorial Day is coming, we all have someone to remember who gave their life for the country. It’s another occasion to get together and spend quality family time. People love to decorate their houses for this day,  so why not honor our heroes and top off your home design?

Whether your house is big or small, it doesn’t matter. Together we will create a warm and welcoming environment to enjoy all year round! Living room decor is multidimensional, it starts from layering textiles (like matching couch and pillow slipcovers) to hanging some authentic artwork. 

Using these ideas for your living space makeover, you will make it even more tempting to come back to in the evening. Let’s start!

Idea 1. Play with texture

Pillow Slipcovers Microfibra

The way we use the living room has changed. It no longer serves only as a guest gathering space, but for relaxing and clearing the mind of all day work. Especially now when we moved to home offices it became crucially important to have a cozy place where you can forget about everything.

And speaking of coziness we don’t mean some ornaments and florals. Modern spaces can be classy and chic with monochromatic patterns. Use curved silhouettes, abstract motifs and soft velour to create a chic look. As for the fabrics, play with them too. Whether it will be a luxury Velvet slipcover for your sofa in Brown color or exclusive Jacquard in Beige Vento, as soon as you put them on, the whole living space look will change. 

Comfort isn’t only about feeling of total calmness, but about being surrounded by things that bring you visual satisfaction. Imagine having a couch slipcover that at the same time perfectly matches the wallpapers and is extremely soft and pleasant to touch. 

But don’t try to match everything, go with things that you love most. Seeking a symmetry or sophisticated look shouldn’t make you give up on decor and furniture you are attached to. Coziness is also about love. Like our Italian manufacturer Paulato loves the manual process of slipcovers’ creation, stick to your true self. Or better to family traditions. If that was your grandma’s armchair or vintage curtains your mom gave you, then keep them.

Idea 2. Go natural-style

Grey Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

Nature inspired materials always create a warm atmosphere. Even a small wooden coffee table can contribute to a cozy setup. Like the family traditions, choose timeless designs instead of short-term ones. Investing in your future is worth its funds. Like investing in slipcovers is much better than spending money on regular furniture cleaning or even buying new one. Why?

  • Made in Italy slipcovers are durable, the fabric is thick and stretchable. 
  • Slipcovers are easy to care. Just put them in the washing machine and don’t worry about juice stains or dirty paws traces. A lot of disputes disappear when each family member, including pets, can feel free to do anything they want! Eat and drink on the couch, play with a dog after a walk or lie with shoes on. 
  • Every piece is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. No more snoozing  and red eyes, only total care about your family’s comfort.
  • There are slipcovers for any type of furniture: coach, armchair, retainer, ottoman, office chair, futon, chaise longue, dining chair. Think of anything in your living space and we will have a cover for it.

Curl up in your favorite spot and embrace your housing coziness! 

Idea 3. Follow the pattern

Green Sofa Slipcover Velvet

If your living space feels cold or empty, add more color to it. The abundance of patterns can bring some intimacy and intangible mental comfort. Bring some cushions, upholstery, pillows, flooring!

Don’t listen to those who say that pattern should be solely partnered with plain. Don’t let their dull life influence your bright living. Mix patterns to get an electric look. You can create a cozy living space scheme simply by combining colors. A mango armchair and rusty-colored wall together make a warm eye-pleasing palette. That is your starting point where you can add some pillows, decor, artworks and lamps. 

As for the lighting, use a bunch of lamps to cast off soft light in the room at a lower level. Instead of a central pendant, go with dimmers and avoid direct spotlight. Remember your feelings in the fitting room? They have to do something about their make-people-insecure lighting. It impacts the way we perceive everything around so pay attention to soft and warm indirect lighting in the living room. 

If the preferred color scheme in the house is preferably, then balance it with pillows. Colorful accents will prevent the space from getting too dark. Throw as many pillows as you fancy. Add them to your sofa, armchair, recliner - they are so soft and pleasant to hug so you wouldn’t even notice the whole evening passing by. 

To sum up, we recommend you to top off your home interior using by 5 following rules:

  • Save things that keep family memories
  • Mix colors and textures to get a cozy look and feel
  • It’s never too much (more pillows, more decor, more candles and lamps to get a warm lighting)
  • Follow your inner impulse and trust your gut
  • Go with natural-style materials

“I know how I like my house. I like it cute and cozy and a little funky, and I like it to feel lived in and worn, and I like the things inside of it to work. That's all. And for me, it's fine that my house's interior suggests that I might not spend every waking moment thinking about how it looks”

For real, when you are content with your home rooms’ design, you don’t even give a thought to what you would change about them. So create such a look for your home to feel like a safe harbor. 

Got it? These were simple but working ideas which you can easily implement to your home interior! Remember those family members who served, and spend Memorial day together with your family in a cozy living space!