Top 5 Super Stylish Colors for Your Lounge

Top 5 Super Stylish Colors for Your Lounge

As soon as you enter the lounge, the surrounding colors set the mood and form the general perception of the room. The color palette can tell a lot about a house owner. What type of person are you? Do you have a sociable character? Or do you prefer your own company more?

As soon as your guests enter the lounge, they too get to know the person living here. In addition, the color theme can make them feel at home or like complete strangers.  

So let’s set the right vibe and improve your living room interior with the new Mamma Mia color palette from Microfibra Collection. Learn about our new colors and protect the main furniture piece of your lounge — a sofa. 


Teal Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

The beautiful navy blue signifies depth and power. It also balances the emotions which makes teal a true match for the living room. 

This color is designed to help calm down after a hard-working day and make all worries disappear in the couch's softness. Teal hides even the smallest imperfections and never becomes a too-much type of color.

Coral Pink

Pink Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

Rejuvenating and inspiring coral pink enriches the interior and adds style. Positive and energy-driven, this color immediately brings coziness into the room. It can play as an independent actor and add the missing accent in the lounge. When complemented with a coral pink slipcover, a sofa has all chances to become the main house cutie.

Light Grey

Light Grey Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

Light grey can create a solid background in the interior decor because it goes well with everything. It resembles the color of the ground in summer and vacation carelessness with it. 

Its neutral shade helps to get rid of outside distractions and listen to your inner impulses. A couch with such a slipcover has all chances to become a place to source inspiration from.

Also, if you change the sofa color to a light grey, you will never get a feeling that it has become redundant in your home interior — all because this color is super stylish!


Tan Recliner Slipcover Microfibra

The best color for a sofa cover is the one that evokes pleasant memories, isn’t it? Hot summer nights, tanned skin, golden sand, bare feet. Just from reading these words, you mentally transport yourself into those summer days.

A tan slipcover evokes warm emotions every time you look at it. Its versatility makes it fit any interior, allowing the sofa to take a central place in a living room composition. Once incorporated into home design, tan adds taste and chicness. 

Silver Grey


Grey Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

Imagine the moment the ground starts to dry after the rain. The air becomes fresh, and you breathe with a full chest. Now picture the color of this feeling in your head — it’s silver grey, you just didn’t know what it’s called.

Sophisticated and discreet, the color’s look embodies quality. Combined with Italian-made fabric and refined design, silver grey makes the furniture appear expensive. Rich and powerful, it’s a great choice to make an impression on your respectable guests. If you value class, then this color is a perfect fit for your elegant taste. 

So, Teal color sofa cover or Light Grey? Energetic Coral Pink or relaxing Tan? Or maybe an all-time classic Silver Grey? Remember that before going with one option or another, think of the emotions you want to get when entering the living room. One way or another, all Mamma Mia colors would make a great fit for the existing color palette of your room!