Refresh Your Home for a New Season

Refresh Your Home for a New Season

December 20, 2021 7 min. read
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As the winter chills start to fill the air, now is the perfect time for a seasonal update of your home. A few simple steps can transform your home into your favorite place to spend time at, to entertain family and friends, or simply into a quiet place for relaxation. 

Whatever your reasons for updating your home are,  start with Mamma Mia Covers. With a wide variety of colors and textures, you can find the perfect slipcovers for your furniture. This simple act can totally change the look and feel of a room or your entire house.

It Could Be Time to Eliminate Some Items

Most homes can use a little update now and then. Maybe start with some decluttering. Look around your home and ask yourself ‘Do I need all this stuff?’

If the answer is ‘No,’ well, it is time to clean out your home. Give your room space to breathe and create a relaxing environment for yourself and your family. This will also make your rooms more appealing and inviting.

Change It Up a Bit

Maybe the sofa should be moved. Or a table. Or some chairs.

Something as simple as rearranging your furniture can make a room look bigger or brighter. Or the design could be more functional, or more better for entertaining.

Warm Colors for Chilly Winter Days and Nights
Grey Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

It could be time to bring some new colors into your home. And this is where Mamma Mia Covers come in!

With such a wide range of colors and four different fabric collections, you will definitely find something that fits your style and personality.

Mamma Mia velvet slipcovers can bring elegance to any room. Whether it is a sofa cover or accent pillow covers, Mamma Mia Slipcovers have you covered.

The Microfibra sofa covers are a more affordable option and will still make any room cozy and inviting.

And all Mamma Mia slipcovers are machine washable for easy care so no need to worry about spills or stains.

Color Your Life


Choosing a color scheme for your home, or even just a room, can be a daunting task. Start with selecting a new Mamma Mia slipcover and build from there.

Once you have your cover, look for where you can put accent colors in your room. It could be some pillows for the sofa or an armchair. Mamma Mia Covers have a wide variety of pillow covers to choose for that perfect match.

Maybe a new piece of wall art that speaks to your personality and taste could be helpful. 

When selecting colors, check a color wheel to see what colors both complement each other. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Not everything in the room must be from the same color family.

Just because you chose a blue Mamma Mia slipcover doesn’t mean everything else should be blue. A Bordeaux, Dark Chocolate, or a Mango pillow cover from our Microfibra collection might just be perfect.

Vanilla L-Shape Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

Ideas For Simple Updates

Another thing that can improve any living space is the cleaning and replacing carpets and rugs. Removing years of dirt and grime can make any carpet or rug look new. Many places have rental machines where you can do it yourself. Or, if your budget allows, hire a professional company.

If an older carpet is too worn out, cover those parts with smaller accent rugs. This could be the cheapest option to make any room look nicer and well decorated.

Bring Some Nature Into Your Home
Grey Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

With the cold weather, perhaps you cannot go for walks in the park-like in the summer. If you miss seeing nature, bring some greens indoors. Potted plants and trees can enliven any space.

Many plants are perfect for helping clean the air as well. This is important with windows being closed during the cold winter days and nights and a lack of fresh air in home.

A flowerpot could also be a nice addition. Besides the color, they can add a pleasant fragrance when in bloom.

Check with your local stores to see what plants would work best for your home.

Dark Days and Nights Need Light
Velvet Slipcovers

Now that you have covered your furniture with beautiful and affordable Mamma Mia slipcovers, you’ve cleaned or replaced carpet or put down accent rugs. You’ve rearranged your furniture. What now?

Bring in lighting so that you and your guests can see the results of your hard work. This is not just to showcase your room but to fight the gloom of gray winter days and long winter nights. A nice floor lamp or new table lamps can brighten any room. For a more casual look, perhaps string lights could be an option.

Layering your lighting is something to remember. If you like to read while sitting on your comfortable slipcovered couch, a reading lamp on a side table would be perfect. 

Whatever way you chose for adding light, just make sure to select the right light bulbs. You will want a pleasant warm glow for your home and not the bright glare of your local supermarket.

Time to Enjoy Your New Home
Grey L-Shape Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

These few simple tips can help you transform your home into a more stylish and comfortable space.

And with the affordability of Mamma Mia Covers, you can achieve these results with a smaller budget. Refreshing your home for a new season doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.

A few house plants can dramatically change a home. Some accent rugs to make a space brighter or cleaner.

Whatever you decide to do with your home, just make sure to include Mamma Mia Covers for affordable comfort and convenience.
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