Top 6 spring/summer  2022 Interior Design Trends

Top 6 spring/summer 2022 Interior Design Trends

April 05, 2022 9 min. read
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For the last two years, homes have become the center of our dwelling. The pandemic made us love spending more time at home. Therefore, understanding how we want to spend this time and how our house should look has changed a lot. Interior design trends define new colors, textures, and styles, but most importantly, they determine how we design our spaces and what mood we want to give them. Today we will talk about the latest summer trends, from natural light and zoning for wellness and self-care to dark shades and maximalism. Discover the most popular interior design trends in 2022 and learn how to take advantage of them in your living area.

Open-Plan Living

Mango Sofa Slipcover Microfibra


More often, in many modern homes, we can see the interior design in which the living room, kitchen, and dining room are tastefully connected. Open-Plan living is not only about beauty but also about practicality and versatility. This trend allows you to provide a lot of light in the room. An ample space creates a feeling of freedom and comfort. There are many advantages to this layout, especially when it comes to interior design. You don't need to think about the size of an item because even big things like floor lamps look very stylish and appropriate. The main disadvantage of Open-Plan living is the lack of personal space and privacy. It is essential to consider how this trend will be implemented in practice so that each family member feels comfortable. To do this, divide the room into different zones using furniture and decor. You can make an accent by highlighting specific items in the large areas. There are many options for arranging furniture. To update and freshen worn-out upholstered furniture, you can use slipcovers, thanks to which each item looks. Our slipcovers' range of colors and textures can help you fit the furniture into a new interior or freshen the new one up.


Everyone values ​​our personal space and wants to have a corner in the house for ourselves. It doesn't matter if you live with your family and children in a big house or a roommate in a tiny flat. You need to have a part of the room for yourself. 7 out of 10 people feel comfortable in their own homes. However, according to the research, 1 in 10 claims a lack of personal space. When talking about self- space, everyone has their own opinion. Some people want to see a reading corner. Others prefer having an area for playing computer games. Some dream of a gym at home, and others wish for a cinema room or a Crafts studio. Many people state that they want an office at home or a game room. Even when living with a roommate, you can set boundaries. All you need is to decide how to divide the space. Remember about zoning to secure your self-space. You can use bookcases, high indoor plants, curtains, and mirrors. When working on your interior design, be sure that you have taken care of the correct zoning, and you will have a place for yourself. Since many people work from home, having a workplace as a self-space became a trend. Try to make it as comfortable as possible. Think over every detail from lighting and desk material to office/gaming chair slipcovers. Remember that even your chair can create an atmosphere of personal space.

Biophilic Design

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It's the best way to reconnect a human with the environment and nature. The main elements of Biophilic design are the presence of large windows, especially with the garden view, and natural daylight, a large number of Indoor plants at home. The positive impact could be achieved by high-quality air, efficient ventilation, and natural fabric. Among all colors, green is a leader. It lowers the heart rate and makes people feel relaxed. All kinds of shades can be used for wall painting and textiles. You can reduce stress being in a room with green furniture. You don't have to buy a new sofa or armchairs. Simply using slipcovers is enough. This trend in interior design makes it possible to feel calmer. The biophilic design allows people to surround themselves with nature. It will enable you to be more productive and improve your creativity and physical and mental health.

Thanks to the knowledge of biophilic design, people can create an interior design that combines ecology and aesthetics and is economically beneficial.


Dark Academia

Green Sofa Slipcover Velvet

The cold season encourages some people to be highly active in decluttering their homes and throwing away unnecessary things. Others, on the contrary, can fall into hibernation. And if you belong to the second type of people, you'll like the Dark Academia trend in interior design.

It's inspired by the style of Oxford and Cambridge universities, the well-known Hogwarts, and is also ideal for Sherlock Holmes fans. Dark Academia is a bold and original choice. The trend is inspired by the poetry of Lord Byron and the gothic style.

If you want to apply this trend in your home, the main rule is to use dark shades, incredibly dark brown, grey and dark green. You can use in your interior decor dark wooden furniture like bookcases, deep green velvet cushions, jacquard slipcovers, dark grey rugs, or curtains. Mood-inspired atmosphere induces mystery. Your space should tell a story to everyone who enters it. For decoration, choose items that reflect your character, like decorative candlesticks, vintage things, original chandeliers, old typewriters, globes, and wooden desks and books.

Shades Of Green

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When we only start thinking about shades of green, it already causes harmony, and we feel a boost of energy. This color scheme is always associated with a feeling of something new, the beginning and spring. Using shades of green in interior design allows you to feel relaxed after work and relieve stress. If you want to use this trend at home, remember a few rules:

do not use dark shades for the ceiling. It is better to select lighter shades of green. Be sure it will suit the decor or furniture in the room.

Forget about dark shades on the floor. Green can be the primary or accent color on a tile or carpet. A light green kitchen floor can provide an impression that the area is more significant than it is. Instead, pick up dark furniture or use the old one with slipcovers. For example, choose a dark grey color for the dining chair slipcovers. Use only eco-friendly materials and breathable and tear-resistant fabric.

To refresh your room, paint the walls in any green shades or focus just on one wall.

Use different shades of green inside your living area to make your interior design more attractive.

Country Maximalism

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The main thing in maximalism is the absence of restrictions and any rules. It provides complete freedom of action as an abundant decor. The main features of maximalism are plentiful patterns, like animal prints and leopard spots, floral motives, textures, and the abundance of colors. The only rule this trend follows is to decorate to the max. A room in this style tells its story through French-patterned wallpapers, vintage posters, vintage furniture, and other specific features. Maximalism is also about rich textures. Some people mistakenly think that such a room will look like a dump of unnecessary things.

On the contrary, it combines all the valuable things for the owner. Thanks to them, people can remember bright moments and pleasant memories from their life. Moreover, every item in the room is filled with history and can tell about the owner.

The Victorians loved collecting unique things from the past, and maximalism originates from those times. This trend supports the idea of spending money on timeless items of furniture and accessories which you'll cherish for your whole life.

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