Tropical Vibe: 10 Quick Decor Ideas to Convert Your Home Into an Exotic Island

Tropical Vibe: 10 Quick Decor Ideas to Convert Your Home Into an Exotic Island

August 04, 2022 8 min. read
Home Blog Tropical Vibe: 10 Quick Decor Ideas to Convert Your Home Into an Exotic Island

Lots of homeowners dream of moving to islands with green palm trees and tropical sun. And if changing location may not be an option for everyone, bringing a tropical vibe to your doorstep is not that hard frankly.

Summer is a perfect time to add tropical decorations for home. Sandy beaches and sea depths, as well as palm trees, may be closer than you think. Check the following tropical decor ideas, and turn your living space into an exotic resort!

Bring nature in


Green Sofa Slipcover Velvet


Do you want to bring some tropical atmosphere into your home? Use tropical items and various accessories for this purpose. Fill your house with nature as much as you can. 

Take preference for natural materials and eco-friendly items instead of plastic. Thus, you will not only be able to create a stylish interior, but also take care of the environment. If you are looking for new furniture, look no further than bamboo chairs. 

When choosing decor elements, also take a closer look at wooden vases. Natural elements not only look extravagant but are extremely practical too. Wicker, bamboo, and rattan are perfect materials for your decor.

Go with bright colors


Pillow Slipcovers Microfibra


Nothing will refresh and give an updated look to the room better than brightly colored upholstery. Such furniture makes every room in your house look fresh. It will easily become a focal point and grab everyone's attention. 

By the way, you don't have to spend a fortune on new upholstery. It’ll be enough to just give your current one a stylish makeover with bright slipcovers. Not only are they extremely easy to care for, but also made of high-quality fabric that ensures your furniture will keep its 'brand new' look for years. 

To accentuate your tropical theme decor, opt for greens ranging from muted to rich and juicy shades, or take preference for sandy hues with accents of yellow and beige.

And if you want the interior to look bold, add a few bright pillows to complement your sofa. Mango, tan, cream, sage, or teal — just pick the one you like most.

Inject exotic patterns

No secret that tropical house decor wouldn't be complete without patterns. Try to mix them to your taste and match with other decor items in your house. Go with exotic and stylish patterns, and use different prints to express your creativity to the fullest.

An explosion of vibrant prints will easily create a feeling of refreshment at home. For your master bedroom, opt for the printed headboard with a tropical or jungle-like motif. The pastel green would also work well. 

The main thing to keep in mind here is balance: if you choose an intricate print, then the furniture and other decor elements should have a simple design. This will help create a balanced and unobtrusive atmosphere.

Let the soothing breeze flow in

If you live in a hot region, the heat is the one inconvenience you may face in the summer. High temperatures won’t be a problem though if you install a ceiling fan to keep the perfect indoor climate. You can also use table fans to emulate the soothing ocean breeze flow throughout your home.

Leafy plants are your best friends

Mango Sofa Slipcover Microfibra

When you start thinking about tropical decorating ideas, the first thing that comes to mind is greenery…lots of greenery. So why not fill a house with leafy plants then? Thanks to the huge selection of plants available today, everyone will find something special for themselves.

You can choose Monstera or go with decorative ferns and tropical palms. Or you can get even more creative and place rubber trees around the house to create a real jungle atmosphere. 

Complement your houseplants with rattan pots or macrame baskets to add a more harmonious look to your space. A real paradise, isn't it?

Play with the marine theme

The marine decor is all about the WOW items. They allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of your best vacation and evoke all the most vivid memories from trips to an ocean or a sea. 

Use blue shades to create a subtle look and add some mooring ropes. Go as lively as you dare. Fill your inside with a sailcloth to get some sea look. As for the decor accessories you can place sea stars and sea shells in the different corners of your home or hang them on the walls.

Seating nook with a tropical look

Setting up a cozy nook is a perfect idea to create an instantaneous stress buster. We recommend you choose cane furniture, add linens in neutral tones, and large-sized tropical plants — to complete the picture. 

What could be a better place to enjoy a glass of ice tea or coffee after a hectic day, or take pleasure watching Netflix?

Create a cozy nest

Tropical decorating is not just about greenery but also about a relaxed holiday vibe. You can bring it to your home by hanging a hammock or even a net which guarantees an inescapable island atmosphere and will keep each moment thoroughly chilled out. 

Take inspiration from the best exotic resorts

Exotic bungalows and private island resorts are the perfect places to look for tropical home decor ideas. There, they know how to harmoniously combine green furniture with light pale fabric or dark-wood items.

If you've been to any of such places before, try to recall some interior details and recreate them in your house. But don't worry in case you haven't — just go to Pinterest and look for creative tropical room decor ideas there!

Host a tropical party!

A tropical-themed party is a perfect solution for those who want to get a feeling of tropical excitement without remodeling the entire house. 

Use exotic plants and tropical flowers to bring a jungle mood to your dining room. Treat your guests with a cold pina colada or tropical mojito and prepare some exotic treats. 

Don't forget about flamingo sunglasses and inflatables in your swimming pool. Tropical elements should be everywhere, including outdoors!

We hope these tropical ideas make your process of creating a tropical island at your home as easy as possible. Use these tropical interior design ideas, play with combinations of colors, textures, furniture, and accessories to transform your home into a true paradise of relaxation!
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