Traditional & Timeless: Velvet Collection 2022 for Stylish Interior

Traditional & Timeless: Velvet Collection 2022 for Stylish Interior

It is not difficult to find a sofa made of velvet, as these are widespread furniture models. Properly selected color, shape, and decorative elements of the sofa will help in creating a truly royal interior. Sometimes such models look much more luxurious and richer than leather ones. There are modern and effective ways to get a stylish velvet sofa without buying a new one. 

As a rule, lighting fixtures are located near such sofas: these can be either floor lamps on the sides or spotlights on the wall. This technique will help make the interior more interesting because, as we have already mentioned, velvet changes its color slightly under different lighting, bringing a certain zest.

Combining corduroy and velvet with other fabrics is one of the leading interior design trends 2022. The room  filled with soft fabric will become very cozy and homely. Do not be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures. They will help diversify the chosen style.


Features of the fabric in the interior

Brown L-Shape Sofa Slipcover Velvet

It is customary to use velvet for upholstery, covers, and curtains. The fabric has a unique depth of color that changes depending on the light. Designers advise using velvet furniture in large rooms, as it visually reduces the space. Remember that the material is not easy to care for: pet hair and dust settle on it. It is better to entrust the product’s cleaning to professionals to avoid spoiling things that do not tolerate aggressive impact.

The history of velvet is several centuries old. As for the versions of the origin of this fabric, there are several of them. The most famous is the translation from French, which sounds like royal fabric, because the material has a set of excellent qualities:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • wear resistance;
  • corduroy almost does not wrinkle;
  • this fabric is soft and very pleasant to the touch;
  • velvet doesn’t have to be ironed (if the material is properly cared for);
  • it is excellent protection against the cold;
  • does not allow a person to overheat in the hot season;
  • hygroscopicity;
  • breathability;
  • velvet has an elegant and glamorous appearance.

All these properties apply to corduroy, which is sewn from cotton fabric. This is the so-called classic velvet, the leading interior design trends. However, nowadays, velvet with small amount of polyamide and viscose added is increasingly gaining popularity. This combination of fibers improves the fabric’s performance, making it more durable. Furthermore, if there are elastane additives in the fabric, the velvet will be elastic and stretchy (however, this slightly worsens the hygienic qualities of the material).

Choose color

Velvet looks most luxurious in dark and complex shades, emerald, mustard, and burgundy. But you can also pick light, pastel material in blue, pink, or milky colors. First of all, you should focus on the design of the room. Velvet often draws attention to itself, which makes it suitable for accent interior details. At the same time, the material does not oblige you to select the rest of the furniture and decor from the same fabric: it sets them off and can’t be very well combined with smooth materials.

Mix and match correctly 

Velvet does not have to be surrounded by gilded elements and classic furniture. It goes well with various fabric textures - from light bedspreads to heavy fluffy carpets. Pillows that echo the main color of the sofa or chair look good. You can order furniture upholstery and covers from the same fabric, which is a win-win option for a harmonious design. Velvet fabric looks elegant in the living room and adds coziness to the bedroom. In the kitchen, it is better to pick more practical materials that do not require careful maintenance.


Velvet in interior styles

Classic design

White Sofa Slipcovers Velvet

The soft upholstery of velvet fabric in noble, rich colors perfectly emphasizes the classic interior decor and brings a touch of luxury. Carved furniture and stucco do not conflict with the expressive texture of velvet or corduroy. Upholstered furniture in dark and rich colors brings an element of luxury to the interior. Light pastel velvet also does the job but looks more comfortable.

Velvet covers will help emphasize the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility of the classic interior. Dense material will help hide from bright sunlight in summer and cold air in winter.

Cozy loft

Greey Sofa Slipcover Velvet

The soft texture of velvet, playing on contrasts, will advantageously emphasize the brutality of the interior in the loft-style. Among the primary color trends in 2022 is contrasting velvet decor against the background of rough brick or metal surfaces.

Opt for a deep blue velvet headboard against a concrete wall or a bright velvet upholstered sofa surrounded by bare brick walls.

Scandinavian style

White Sofa Slipcover Velvet

Light colors and lines of the Scandinavian-style interior will successfully complement the decor items made of velvet. At the same time, do not be afraid to overload the surrounding space. Scandinavian interior light and laconic basis will welcome any active decor elements, including velvet furniture, pillows, and bedspreads. White color goes well with any shades, which means that when choosing velvet accessories, you don’t have to be afraid to overload the interior palette.

Laconic minimalism

Green Reclining Armchair Slipcover Velvet

In a space almost devoid of decor, interior items made of velvet can bring a touch of comfort, a homely atmosphere of peace. Pillows, bedspreads, and cute trinkets slightly diversify the monochrome, strict, and fit into the main interior 2022 trends.


How to properly care for velvet?

Grey Sofa Slipcover Velvet

Velvet fabrics are durable and wear-resistant. However, they require special and proper care. Otherwise, the structure of the material will be destroyed:

  1. It is recommended to wash things from velvet by hand, in slightly warm water. Washing in the machine is allowed only in the Delicate mode, at the temperature of 30 degrees. In both cases, corduroy items must first be cleaned of adhering specks and dust and also turned inside out;
  2. Products from velvet are forbidden to rub, twist, and wring out in a washing machine;
  3. Velvet cannot be tumble-dried. In natural conditions, it is necessary to dry corduroy clothes in a straightened form, spread out on a horizontal surface. The fabric should be kept away from heaters and sunlight;
  4. Velvet items can be ironed both vertically and horizontally. In the first case, the steaming of the fabric with iron is implied, while the iron surface does not touch the velvet. If the product needs to be ironed on an ironing board, then first, turn it  inside out and cover it with cotton;
  5. After ironing velvet, brush over it with a small bristle brush . This action will lift the corduroy and restore its texture.

For velvet to retain its original, chic look, it is advisable to dry-clean its products.


To sum up

Due to its remarkable qualities, chic appearance, comfort, and abundance of colors, velvet fabric is trendy today. It has found itself in designer interiors, home, streetwear, informal, and even business style. And if the velvet is still carefully and adequately looked after, then the material will retain its unsurpassing qualities for many years.