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When you have a Pottery Barn couch, you want to protect it. Some slipcovers suit the design of these sofas perfectly, and they are affordable as well. However, when looking for slipcovers for Pottery Barn sofas, there are several factors to consider before making a purchase.

Each sofa from Pottery Barn accommodates different measures. It is best to check the measurements before buying anything. If you are going for an eclectic look in your bedroom or perhaps bold accents against walls with wooden wall shelves, then the next few tips will come in handy. Various types of fabric go with different décor styles; here’s a quick rundown on them.

Decorating With Microfiber

Microfiber is a very common fabric choice. If you are looking for inexpensive material, this is a good option to keep in mind. This fabric is often used for decorating in a casual, relaxed style. Microfiber is very durable and is also often used for outdoor furniture. It is ideal for any room in the house and doesn’t require additional care.

Decorating With Velvet

Velvet is another popular fabric type and is often used in formal decor or in rooms that require a little bit of luxury added to the atmosphere. You can find velvet in many designs and colors. Velvet is a very versatile fabric type, making it a good choice for most decor styles.

Decorating With Jacquard

Jacquard is a material that can suit almost any style. It is available in many different colors and is one of the most durable fabrics, making it a good choice for households with children or pets.

A Quick Guide To Choosing Slipcovers For Pottery Barn Sofas

  • Type of fabric. When choosing the fabric for your slipcovers, you want to consider the type of furniture you have. For example, a fabric that is ideal for a couch in the living room may not be the best option for outdoor furniture.
  • Durability. Another important factor to keep in mind is durability. You will want a fabric that will last a long time and stand up to daily use.
  • Color. You want the fabric to match the rest of your furniture as much as possible
  • Style. The style of the fabric is also important, especially if you’re looking to match it with a particular interior design. You may have a certain cover style in mind that you would like to match with your living space.

Buy Premium Italian-made Slipcovers For Your Pottery Barn Sofa

If you own a Pottery Barn sofa, then you are most likely aware of how popular and well-made Pottery Barn furniture is. This type of furniture is meant to last a long time, and with the right care, these sofas can last for decades. So, purchasing slipcovers for Pottery Barn sofas is a great way to protect them and save money.