Burgundy: The Heart and Soul of Change

Burgundy: The Heart and Soul of Change

December 12, 2022 5 min. read
Home Blog Burgundy: The Heart and Soul of Change

Thinking about making a change to the room but don’t know what color to choose? Consider burgundy! Often passed over as too bold of a choice, burgundy is one of the hottest trends and also a very inspiring color that can flatter any interior.

Not sure about whether or not it will work for you? Don’t worry. Further down, we will share with you some ideas on how to stylishly pair burgundy with other colors for a stunning makeover.

1. Burgundy & Ivory

A neutral substitute for warm beige, ivory is a popular choice in classic home interiors. However, it does require some accents to keep it from looking plain or boring, and this is where burgundy comes in as a great choice. Not only do ivory and burgundy pair perfectly with each other but also create a striking contrast that can add visual appeal to any home.

To give you an idea of how you can use these colors, try adding an ivory carpet or blanket to the room and cover your sofa with a burgundy loveseat slipcover. This alone is enough to transform the space. If you’d like to up the ante, you can also add burgundy through furniture, wall paint, and accessories that will tie all the elements in the interior together, giving it a cohesive look.

2. Burgundy & Green

If your living room or kitchen is decorated in green, you can harness the attributes of festive vibes by adding a burgundy color to the room. Moreover, you don’t even need to renovate your house!

Simply throw burgundy barrel chair slipcovers or any other covers that fit your chairs, and you’ll be surprised by how different your room will look. 

3. Burgundy & Coral Pink

For those who look to add a feel of freshness, a combo of burgundy and coral pink can be the best way to go. A beautiful shade of pink, coral radiates energy that embraces warmth, making it a good addition to energetic burgundy. However, take note that because both colors are warm and energetic, the key to success is to choose flattering hues. With that in mind, be sure to stick with the same color group when selecting colors.

If you are looking to give a quick update to your living room, you can start with your sofa. Layering it with burgundy and coral pink cushions will allow you to break up the richness of burgundy and make your room look cozy and more welcoming. 

4. Burgundy & Mango

If you want to make your space really stand out, a combination of mango and burgundy can do the trick. Vivid and bright, the mango color exudes a summer vibe, but unlike orange or yellow, it has plushiness and earthy notes, making it a great choice to pair with burgundy. The two together complement each other and can give your home the dash of richness that you’ve always dreamed of.

Get inspired by decking your sofa. Wrapping your large sofa in a velvet burgundy slipcover and mango pillows can be the first step in deciding whether or not to go more ambitious when decorating your home.

5. Burgundy & Navy Blue

An unexpectedly chic combination can be achieved by mixing burgundy and blue. These two colors are generally considered clashing, but some of their variations are definitely meant to work. All you need is to get them right. 

Create a home ambiance by adding a beautiful burgundy sofa slipcover to a blue room interior for cuddling up in the evenings and turning your place into heaven for relaxation. For a modern touch, consider placing a few pieces with metallic gold accents, such as light fixtures or artwork, around your room, that pair perfectly with the navy blue backdrop. 

As you can see, burgundy is a very versatile color that can be paired with pretty much anything. The key is to use the right shades. Hopefully, our guide has given you insights into how burgundy can be incorporated into your space with taste and grace!


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