7 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Fall Colors

7 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Fall Colors

October 03, 2022 8 min. read
Home Blog 7 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Fall Colors

What colors come to mind when you think of the fall season? Probably red, rich brown, golden yellow, and pumpkin orange. But fall color schemes in home decor aren’t only about these shades. 

Imagine an emerald green loveseat sofa accompanied by ivory armchairs, or dark chocolate wingback chairs making an alliance with a mango ottoman. Sounds interesting, right? Such delicious and unusual color combinations have all chances to change your perception of fall.

Let's discover autumn color living room ideas to help you upgrade your home interior for the season, and dive into the area of the extraordinary design experience! 

1. Emerald Green & Ivory


Green Sofa Slipcover Velvet


Rich and soothing yet fresh, emerald green fills the space with warm vibes. It creates a natural look that whispers: the new season is coming. When used in lounge design, emerald green resembles autumn in a rainy tropical forest, so ivory will fit in there perfectly too.

Furniture combo. These evocative fall decor colors work best when used together on a 2-seater emerald green sofa and two ivory armchairs. This combination is great for a small room with no TV but enough space for sincere conversations. Mix colors making the green the main accent while also complementing it with ivory.

Here, the slipcovers will be a budget-savvy interior solution: look luxurious but cost affordable.

2. Blue & Light Grey


Blue L-Shape Sofa Slipcover Microfibra


Let's imagine the autumn sky. The navy blue blanket with grey clouds covering the sun, or the light blue curtain with the sporadic sunrays breaking through — this is the view you get to see only in the fall.

When it comes to fall colors for home decor, here grey acts as a neutral backdrop for distinct blue and adds visual depth to it. Together they make the room appear bigger.

Furniture combo. If you have a tunnel-shaped room, go with an ottoman instead of a wing chair, as the latter will steal the space and make moving around uncomfortable. A light grey ottoman is perfect to put your feet or place a popcorn bowl on.

If your L-shaped sofa can't house all the guests during the get-together, the ottoman will come in handy here. In case you have a few friends, you can put a cocktail tray on it, and the slipcover will protect your upholstery from Tequila Sunrise’s spilling.

3. White & Mango


White Sofa Slipcover Microfibra


What about taking a day off and eating vanilla ice cream with mango topping while watching Netflix on the couch? This is the picture you want to take inspiration from when decorating with fall colors. The orange energizes and evokes sunny days feelings, while white balances the scene. So no matter how heavy it pours, the bright furniture will always keep your mood high.

Furniture combo. A white 3-seater sofa with a mango pillow set is a perfect match for your living room. Warm-toned white with burnt orange accents will create a unique fall look so different from the pumpkin usual one.

Don’t worry about the fabric getting dirty, though, because slipcovers in these colors are machine washable. Also, microfibra fabric has an appealing texture and is pleasant to touch: the perfect cuddling buddy for your Netflix plan.

4. Black & Dark Grey & Light Grey


Black Chaise Lounge Slipcover Velvet


The list of top fall colors for the living room wouldn't be complete without these moody tones. If you have a dark-colored interior, then a combination of black and grey resembling wet ground after rain will complement it. Black acts as the cozy backdrop for seasonal change. If you’re afraid that the dark palette may create tension in the room, add light grey to the scheme to play it safe.

Furniture combo. Give your living room a new look with a black chaise lounge, two dark grey barrel chairs, and two light grey ottomans. When you host events with many people invited, there’s always not enough seating for everyone. Instead of bringing dining chairs and old tabourets, go with stylish furniture pieces and ottomans that can serve as tables for appetizers and wine glasses. 

5. Cherry & Light Grey


Light Grey Sofa Slipcover Microfibra


Who doesn’t dream of a cottage house? To recreate its feeling of coziness, try to mix cherry and light grey. Deep cherry warms up the cold grey and even makes the loft interior look softer. Few rich pink accents and all visual strictness goes away. 

Furniture combo.  A light grey 4-seater sofa with cherry pillows takes you to the cottage house and embraces your bold dream. You may live in a small apartment in a high-rise building but you can create a countryside vibe inside your dwelling anyways.

Made in Italy slipcovers may even whisper Italian words they heard from manufacturers in Bergamo. A vacation vibe in the middle of a rainy working week is guaranteed. 

6. Coral Pink & Burgundy


Pink Armchair Slipcover Microfibra


Spice up your interior with a sophisticated combination of coral pink and burgundy. Fall color living room ideas this year lean towards raw accents such as dramatic burgundy on a relatively neutral pink background. This subtle yet bold color mix adds vintage flair to the home design. 

Furniture combo. To make a seasonal makeover quicker yet keep it in style, go with burgundy seat cushion pillows on your coral pink armchairs. Place the two armchairs in your lounge and you're all set! Not only do slipcovers enhance the furniture lines, but they also look natural and just like the upholstery!

7. Dark Chocolate & Mango


Brown Wingback Chair Sofa Slipcover Microfibra


The color of black coffee, fall foliage, and leather always feels warm and embracing. Balance its depth with contrasting burnt yellow to keep the home design fresh. When combined, they resemble the sweet taste of mango pieces covered in dark chocolate.

Furniture combo. Two dark chocolate wingback chairs will ensure the most comfortable seating while the mango ottoman will let your legs rest after the long working day. Take your favorite pet with you and lose yourself in the softness of the slipcover fabric. 

Which fall colors from the above are the most suitable for your interior? Share your ideas on our social media and let’s help each other with seasonal decorations! It’s time to get cozy.


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