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Furniture Covers For Pet Owners

If you are a dog or cat owner you definitely know the struggle between making your furry friend comfy and keeping your furniture safe. It’s not easy to maintain your favorite sectional clean and neat. It gets even more complicated when you have a playful or messy pet. Mamma Mia Covers will help you solve that problem!


Most sofa covers for pet owners only protect the backrest, seats, and armrests— but if your dog or cat loves to scratch the sides of the couch, our solution is Mamma Mia Covers! Stretchable covers that fit almost any sofa, chair, or sectional. Install it in no time and keep exposed parts of furniture safe from scratching and not available for claws sharpening. Furthermore, pets lose their interest in the furniture they can't play with. So let them have a good time on your favorite sofa without worrying about everyday happenings like stains, scratches or tears.


Besides that, you can get creative and refresh the design of the entire room. We offer multiple colors and fabrics to find the one that fits the best into your interior. If your sofa needs a second chance for a reasonable price - a slipcover is your solution!


Ok, now that you know that your home needs a slipcover, let's take a closer look at a few factors to consider when buying one.



Quality is crucial.

When choosing a slipcover - look for high-quality material. Mamma Mia Сovers are made of high quality, thick fabric, produced in Italy. Manufactured by Paulato technology, our fabric has unique patterns and structure. They are also 100% hypoallergenic and ideal for homes with kids and pets. Quality and safety is on us, enjoying your sofa - is on you.

Perfect Fit


Mamma Mia Slipcovers nailed it. 

To get 100% out of your sofa pet protector - it has to be stretchable and cover sofa arms. Our bi-elastic material stretches along with the sofa shape along with the desired shape, and the cardboards help to secure the sofa cover in place.  It's perfect for any piece of furniture, from a recliner to an L-shaped sofa.



Refresh your old sofa or protect your new one with style. A wide range of colors, high-quality fabrics, and exclusive patterns are there to match your taste and fit into any interior.



One thing you definitely want to avoid when buying a new furniture cover - is slipping. 

To make your experience flawless, we worked hard to make sure our slipcovers are easy to install and remove. No need for extra work, it takes minutes to refresh your room and give your favorite couch a  much needed makeover.



Our covers show excellent durability and are machine-washable. It's super easy to clean, so you don't have to think about washing it too often. Thanks to a water-repellent effect - you can wipe off the spilled liquids.  If a more thorough cleaning is needed, it will take only one machine wash to make it look brand new. 


High-quality fabrics, a wide range of colors, perfect fit, and solid protection- we're here to protect and beautify your home.  Mamma Mia Covers will save you money, effort, and protect your furniture from pet damage.


Join the Mamma Mia Covers Family to get your unique Cover.

We are checking all the boxes here!

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  • Microfibra:

    Microfiber slipcovers can be called a pearl among other collections. Microfiber is very thin and pleasant to touch while also durable. Slipcovers for oversized chair or other pieces of furniture made from microfiber look amazing! Learn more.

  • Velvet:

    If you are looking for luxury slipcovers, consider those made of velvet. Velvet slipcovers can withstand lots of wear and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Learn more.

  • Mille Righe:

    Our Mille Righe Collection includes recliner slipcovers, love seat slipcovers, washable sectional covers, and other items that are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They are breathable and tear-resistant. Learn more.

  • Jacquard 3D:

    Items from this collection are made from 60% cotton, 35% polyester, and 5% elastane. They will protect your furniture from wear and tear, spills, and other issues. Learn more.

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