International Dog Day: 5 Fun and Healthy Ways to Spoil Your Doggo

International Dog Day: 5 Fun and Healthy Ways to Spoil Your Doggo

"Best friend, pal, buddy, sweet cheese" — What else do you call your dog? There are not enough words to describe the love for your pet. But on an International Dog Day, you better go a little extra to give the doggo special treatment!

Regular walks, baths, and overnight cuddles seem too ordinary for this day.

That’s why we've prepared five fun ways to spoil your favorite pet without causing any damage to your house. Let’s get started!

1. Let your dog on the couch


Cream Sofa Slipcover Microfibra


Imagine letting your dog on the couch after a walk. Unbelievable, right? Pet jumps on your favorite sofa without leaving it dirty. How is it possible?

The slipcover can protect the couch from dirt, clawing, and any damage a pet can cause. This is how your doggo can enjoy chilling on the loveseat together with his owner. 

2. Give him a massage


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Give your dog a massage without reaching out to a professional. Find a comfy and quiet spot in the house — chaise longue serves this purpose perfectly — and pamper a little one with a relaxing massage. 

It improves a pet's mental and physical health: decreases pain, releases anxiety and stress, and increases blood circulation. Also, such a routine tightens the bond between a pawrent and a dog.

P.S. Don’t worry about fur, just put a slipcover on your furniture before giving your doggo a massage!

3. Buy new toys


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When a dog figures out how to use a new toy, it feels happy and excited. What else to wish for on such a day? Check dog-faves of this season: kongs, self-feeding bowls, and sniff mats. You can wrap a present, let the doggo open it, and teach it to use the toy while laying on the futon in the lounge.

Don't be afraid to let your best fur friend go crazy — a slipcover will ensure your furniture stays protected!

4. Pamper your pooch with special treats


Grey Slipcover Velvet


Put extra love into dog treats by making them by yourself! Homemade staff is much healthier for the pet because you can control the ingredients and use only those that aren’t harmful to your dog. But make sure you consult the veterinarian before introducing something new to the diet!

Yummy biscuits recipe

  • ½ package bacon
  • 150 gr gluten-free flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Water to mix

Mix everything, and bake under 350 F for eight minutes. Once cooled, serve the treats to your special friend waiting for the present on the armchair. By the way, we have slipcovers for this type of furniture so relax and don't worry about possible damages!

If you don’t have time to cook, buy frozen pups. They will help the dog to cool off on a hot summer day.

5. Show him some extra love


Grey Sofa Slipcover Microfibra


Remember that the best gift to your dog is quality time spent together. No treats or toys can replace a good walk playing around with the pawrent. 

Visit a dog park in your city. If it’s equipped with swimming lakes or tennis-ball-throwing trees, fun time is guaranteed.

Weather can spoil your outdoor plans, so staying inside and watching a movie together is another great idea. Marly and Me is a good one to watch.

Cuddle on your sectional sofa, have yourself a glass of wine and homemade treats for your pooch, and enjoy International Dog Day! Don’t worry about the spills, slipcovers will do the job. 

Spoil your dog the right way! Happy howliday!