Problematic Pet. How to Handle It?

Problematic Pet. How to Handle It?

June 08, 2020 5 min. read
Home Blog Problematic Pet. How to Handle It?

One of the most typical questions among pet owners is how to protect the sofa from dogs or cats? Of course, each pet is different, and not all of them are problematic. However, even if your cat or dog is perfectly trained, some accidental tears, scratch marks, and hair are inevitable. One of the best solutions for such issues is purchasing furniture covers for pets. There are also some other tips and tricks, which we will discuss in this article.

Living with problematic pets, however, requires various solutions for saving your furniture. Apart from buying pet covers for furniture, there are many things you can do. Choosing furniture made of animal-friendly materials is always helpful. It is essential to take proper care of your pets as well. This includes grooming and cleaning their paws regularly. Although, investing in furniture pet covers for chairs and sofas is extremely convenient.


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3 Steps to Take Towards Peace at Home

Here are the tips on how to save your furniture from misbehaving pets:


        1. Buying Pet Furniture Covers

One of the easiest ways of saving your furniture from pets is buying a sofa protector. If a dog or a cat can interact with a couch or other furniture directly, it can be permanently ruined. Dog-proof slipcovers create a convenient barrier between your pet and upholstery. People are often worried about making their furniture look bad in slipcovers, which is not an issue nowadays. There is a wide selection of pet covers for furniture in any shape and color. The materials are also diverse, yet they can be cleaned easily.

There are various advantages of using furniture pet covers for dogs:

  • Scratching and tearing protection – pets love to sharpen their claws on any piece of furniture they can get to. This is why any dog couch cover protector is usually made of firm materials resistant to claws. In addition, even if the cover becomes damaged, the upholstery underneath will remain safe;
  • Quick and easy cleaning – in most cases, slipcovers for couches and chairs are easily removable. This way, you can simply take it off and throw it in a washing machine. If your pet pees on the couch or leaves dirty paw prints, it takes a wash to fix the mess;
  • A variety of stylish options – purchasing pet furniture covers not only protects it from damage but opens new décor possibilities. Because the covers come in numerous colors, prints, and materials, you can refresh your room whenever you want. Instead of buying a new couch, just change it with a new look! 
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         2. Selecting furniture made of animal-friendly materials

Even with pet furniture covers, it is nice to take additional safety measures. Pet-friendly materials provide durability and allow for easy cleaning. Here are two of the most loved materials among pet owners:

  • Leather – this material is extremely easy to clean up. Any smudge or other mess can be cleaned with a wet towel. Pet hair also does not stick to it as much as other fabrics. Also, it does not absorb odors, which is important if we are dealing with pets;
  • Microfiber – this is a durable and firm material. It is normally stain-resistant and repels liquids to a certain extent. Microfiber is a good choice for pet owners as it does not absorb much smell. In addition, experience has shown that pets are not interested in scratching this material.

    3. Getting comfy beds for your pets

Even the best furniture coverings for pets will not replace a nice comfortable bed for your little friend. Buy a small bed designed specifically for your cat or dog and train them to sleep there. Having its own designated spot in the house might make your pet stop getting on couches and chairs.

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Go with furniture covers pets would appreciate.
Happy pawrent – happy pet!
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