Modify your IKEA Farlov 2 Seater Loveseat with our handmade sofa covers. They are made from stretchy Italian fabric and will protect your furniture from tear. It's an easy way to give a fresh and stylish look to an old or even a new Loveseat.


WIDTH: 74''

DEPTH: 43''

HEIGHT: 31.1''

Here is a selection of covers that match your FARLOV 2 SEATER LOVESEAT
Loveseat 2 Seater Slipcover, Velvet Collection Loveseat 2 Seater Slipcover, Velvet Collection
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IKEA Farlov 2 seater sofa cover is your ticket to a design upgrade that's nothing short of fabulous. Crafted from stretchy Italian fabric, these slipcovers are real defenders against wear and tear. 

Forget the hassle of splurging on a whole new piece. Farlov loveseat slipcovers will breathe a second life into your old faithful couch, or give a chic touch to even the newest sofa. 

Selecting the Ideal Farlov 2-Seater Loveseat Slipcover

Whether you're vibing with a neutral palette, craving bold hues, or fancying intricate patterns, this slipcover is your perfect choice. Align Farlov loveseat covers with the overall theme of your home, be it casual, modern, or traditional, ensuring a cohesive and personalized touch. For the avant-garde souls, unleash your creativity by challenging your vision – mix different shades and prints. 

Ensure your slipcovers fit flawlessly by looking for designs tailored specifically for 2-seater loveseats. When choosing the material, pick one that suits your lifestyle. Common choices include durable microfiber, plushy velvet polyester, and cotton blends. If you have pets or children, prioritize easy-to-clean options.

To make an informed decision, tap into the experiences of others by reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations from those who have purchased Farlov 2 seater couch covers in the USA. 

Mastering the Art of Measuring Your Farlov 2-Seater Loveseat 

When gauging your loveseat for a slipcover, measure the sofa's widest point, extending from one armrest's outer edge to the other. Our Farlov loveseat covers are designed to fit within a 47" to 67" range. To confirm compatibility, ensure that the broadest width of your loveseat falls within this recommended fitting range. For additional assistance, consider visiting our "How to Measure Guide" section and watching the instructional video to ensure accurate measurements and a seamless fit.

Please measure your furniture before placing the order! Keep in mind that if your dimensions slightly deviate from the suggested fitting range, the IKEA Farlov 2 seater sofa cover may still accommodate your furniture, thanks to its stretchy fabric. However, we recommend reaching out to our support team first!

Straightforward Tips for Effortless and Simple Installation

Let's kick things off by finding the tag attached to your Farlov 2 seater sofa cover, as it indicates the center of the back part. Align it with the center of the back of the sofa. Drape the cover, ensuring a snug fit. Then, pull the cover down to cover the armrests and the lower reaches of your sofa. This way you can ensure that the slipcover hugs every contour of your unit, creating an effortless and tailored look.

As you continue the installation, tuck all that excess fabric into the grooves of your sofa. Use anti-slip cardboard to anchor IKEA sofa covers in place. This extra step isn't just a finishing touch but a commitment to the lasting charm of your slipcover, preserving its custom aesthetic.

Effortless Maintenance: Super Easy Care Advice

Farlov 2 seater couch covers come with the delightful bonus — easy maintenance. Loveseat covers are durable and can withstand frequent washing without loss of quality, provided that the instructions are followed.

covers are machine washable: opt for a gentle cycle, ensuring the water temperature is around 30 degrees. We recommend washing each cover separately, to dodge any potential color mix-ups. Additionally, abstain from using bleach, as it may affect the material.

Opt for line drying and bid farewell to tumble dryers. We recommend avoiding dry-cleaning and ironing as it may compromise the fabric's durability and shape. Follow these breezy care suggestions, and your covers will continue to exude that fresh-out-of-the-box allure, making you feel like you've just brought them home.

If my order hasn't been delivered, what steps should I take?

Rest assured. Begin by verifying the tracking number and your package's status. If, after 24 hours of the status changing to "delivered," your order hasn't arrived, feel free to reach out to us for additional assistance.

Will it fit my armchair/sofa/corner sectional, etc.?

Tailored to accommodate furniture within the advised fitting range, our slipcovers ensure a flawless fit for items falling within these specifications. Before you buy the product, it's essential to measure your furniture and consult the recommended fitting range for the perfect fit!

Our sofa features detachable back pillows. Can these slipcovers accommodate loose pillows?

Our slipcover is designed to enhance couches with detachable pillows. For optimal security, we suggest acquiring separate covers for the back and seat cushions. Placing a distinct slipcover beneath the cushions ensures a more secure overall fit. Ensure your furniture and its cushions fall within the recommended range by referring to our measuring guides.

What should I do if I have questions about a product that is not listed here?

If you find yourself in this situation, feel free to contact us through support@mammamiacovers.com, engage in a chat conversation, or give us a call at +1 (855) 708-0280.