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The West Elm brand is synonymous with an affordable design that’s made for modern homes. The company features a variety of affordable furniture options, including couches. If you find yourself in love with one or more of the sofas the company sells, but don't want to deal with expensive cleaning services or lose your mind over each and every stain that appears on the couch fabric, then premium furniture slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers is your go-to choice. 

What Is a Slipcover?

A slipcover is a piece of fabric that’s designed to fit the furniture. They’re an inexpensive way to refresh your home’s aesthetic without having to buy a new couch. If you decide to invest in a West Elm sofa, you’ll be able to buy affordable slipcovers to protect the fabric and add an extra layer of style to your room. Our slipcovers are designed to look like the original upholstery fabric but come in different designs and colors to suit even the pickiest taste.

How to Buy Slipcovers for West Elm Sofas

The first step to buying slipcovers for West Elm sofas is evaluating the types of fabrics and designs available. Choose two or three options that you like the best, and then compare their characteristics. Next, measure your sofa to know which slipcover will fit your item. Measure the back side of your couch from one armrest to another. Once you have that measurement at hand you can choose the appropriate fitting range of a slipcover. After that, simply choose the cover style, and color and proceed to checkout.

Premium Universal Slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers

Slipcovers are a great way to refresh the look of a West Elm sofa without having to buy a new one. However, you’ll want to make sure you buy the right size to ensure they fit properly. When shopping for slipcovers, opt for premium Italian-made furniture covers from Mamma Mia Covers that are designed to look and feel like real upholstery.