5 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking

5 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking

December 14, 2022 6 min. read
Home Blog 5 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking

Looking for affordable yet unusual Christmas gift ideas? The holiday season is about to start so it’s time to make up your mind and create a list. Not everyone may be satisfied with a gift card and even a brand-new gadget, that’s why we've prepared options for the pickiest of your friends and family members!

No one will claim your present to be not-well-thought-out or hackneyed. Indeed, we bet your cousin could never imagine getting a telescope or wine quiz game. Let’s get started with the best Christmas presents, so be ready to take notes! 

1. Telescope

How cool receiving a telescope as a Christmas gift is. The person you’re going to give it to will definitely feel special. It's nice to be able to watch the stars and maybe even to spot Santa, who knows. Aside from helping to explore the unknown, a telescope serves as a great interior accessory. It perfectly fits minimalist interiors and adds a retro vibe.

Imagine it next to the white sofa: simple but classy. Don’t worry if you have a black or yellow couch, a single slipcover can help you change its color. Also, it protects the furniture from all possible Christmas damages such as spilled hot chocolate.

2. Jar Terrarium

Cool Christmas gifts don’t have to be huge in size or expensive. Sometimes all it takes is a little jar terrarium with real jungles in it. Layered with moss and stones, a glass jar is a designer-approved decor item for any house.

You can place anything in a terrarium and create a miniature world for your special person. For a tennis lover, it can be a little court, for a dog lover — a mini version of their pet. Whatever you decide to add there has to represent a gift owner in the most accurate way. So if you want to show them how much you care, a jar terrarium is one of the best options.

3. Furniture Covers

Slipcovers are among the top gifts for Christmas for those who seem to have everything. Italian quality combined with stunning designs makes them a useful present much needed in every house. While we spend almost all of our time at home, couches have to withstand a lot of pressure, so the slipcovers can help protect them and give old furniture a new life. 

The variety of colors from burgundy to emerald green gives you freedom of choice. You can see how a slipcover will look exactly on the couch and decide what type matches the person’s interior the best.

4. Home Scents

There are a lot of good ideas for Christmas presents, but picking up a scent for someone’s home is the most intimate. If you want to bring up some heartwarming memories, you can go with the scent of a city you visited together or their favorite flowers. The only condition is that you have to be close enough to know that one special fragrance.

Otherwise, you can pick a scent according to the person’s interior. Light scents will fit the interior in mild, neutral colors. If the design is minimalist, go with a woody or lavender fragrance. To create a welcoming and cozy feeling around the house, opt for a vanilla scent. A great go-to for any interior is fresh fragrances with a note of basil and citrus.

5. Wine Quiz Games

The perfect entertainment for the holiday season is wine quiz games! While Monopoly may be considered by some as old-fashioned, this refined game will be the highlight of every night-in. Given to someone who wants to test their knowledge of food pairing and the chemistry of wine when drinking and laughing, you will see sparkles in their eyes the moment you show up the gift.

You can even play it on your furniture because slipcovers will have you covered. They are machine washable and super easy to care for. So spilled wine, food crumbs, and other damage will not ruin your couch. The wine quiz game is a fantastic Christmas list idea not only for one person but for the whole company.

What should I get for Christmas if my friends are too picky? Well, now that you have explored top 5 gift ideas, you can be sure to get the best possible present for everyone. Surprise your friends and family this year with unusual yet useful gifts! 

Have yourself a Merry Stunning Christmas!


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