How to Get Your Home Ready for Labor Day

How to Get Your Home Ready for Labor Day

August 29, 2022 6 min. read
Home Blog How to Get Your Home Ready for Labor Day

Summer has come to an end as quickly as it came, and it's just the right time to get your house ready for Labor Day. For today's article, we've gathered seven useful tips that will help you prepare for the celebration.

These ideas will perfectly suit a small dinner gathering with your family as well as a grand celebration with lots of friends and neighbors!

1. Declutter


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Many people get rid of clutter after the holidays. However, the best option would be to take the time before Labor Day and clean up your space so that you feel as comfortable as possible when the celebration starts.

  • Check all the decor left from last year's Labor Day celebration and get rid of those items you no longer need.
  • Clean up your kitchen to make the cooking process easier and faster. Start with flat surfaces, and then proceed to clean the fridge and purge all the expired items. Then clean the pantry and check the freezer.
  • Take a box and gather all the items scattered around the house that you don't want anymore or no longer use.
  • Put your summer decor away and replace it with items styled for the new season. 

2. Clean windows


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Nothing will please a homeowner better than clean windows. Start with sweeping the dirt off the window frames using a brush. If the frames look extra dirty, a good idea would be using a handheld vacuum to remove all the dust.

After that, take the spray solution and go from top to bottom cleaning the window glass. Check also whether the window frames have cracks. If so, then it's better to take care of them asap or even start looking for a replacement. 

3. Go with red, white, and blue accessories


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Labor Day celebration wouldn't be complete without red, white, and blue items! Use these patriotic colors in your decor to create a special atmosphere on this day.

  • Buy or DIY a patriotic wreath. Hang it outside your front door to share the holiday spirit with every casual passerby.
  • Go with stars and stripes. You can stick with this theme when choosing bed linens or buying a tablecloth, or picking new decor items.

4. Style your upholstery


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To feel the festive atmosphere, not only can you choose accessories in the colors of the American flag but also style your upholstery in red, white, or blue.

We're not talking about spending a fortune on a new sofa — you can simply upholster your old one with a stylish slipcover. This is how you will freshen up the look of your space without draining your family budget by buying expensive furniture. 

It will also be easy for you to decide which slipcover to pick as today they come in a vast variety of designs and styles. In addition, slipcovers are machine-washable, so you don't have to worry if your guests get them dirty or your favorite pet gets on a sofa with muddy paws.

5. Add pops of autumn colors


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Aside from its direct meaning, Labor Day also symbolizes the change of the seasons. So the simplest and easiest way to prepare for that change would be adding fall colors to your interior decor. 

Get yourself a new rug in rich burgundy or dark green. Buy new pillows, or simply use pillow slipcovers to update your current ones. Aside from patriotic colors, on this day you may also go with shades of yellow or green, as well as orange or brown.


New Pillows


6. Get your patio ready for the celebration

Patios are the best places to soak up summery vibes. And if yours doesn't look like it did before summer started, then it's better to take care of it too.

  • Sweep the patio and clean every corner, because you don’t want guests to walk into the  spider webs or see the dust on the table.
  • Check the patio umbrella or get a new one if necessary. Cool off drinks.
  • Add a special touch to your backyard with candles and garlands.
  • Check your outdoor upholstery. If you want to save yourself the hassle of cleaning it, consider getting machine-washable slipcovers that you can put on your upholstery to keep it protected.

7. Prepare Labor Day desserts


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Prepare desserts in red, white, and blue colors, and set up a dessert station! Use white coasters and apothecary jars for serving sweets. Berry cobbler, raspberry chantilly, and three-layer popsicles taste perfect with refreshing cocktails. Decorate the table with bouquets of blue and white chrysanthemums on a blue and white checkered tablecloth. 

Labor Day is a great date to celebrate all the hard work that we've been putting in this year, and appreciate the results of it. On this day, declutter your home, do some cleaning, organize your outdoor upholstery, and go with red, white, and blue in your home decor. Do it to make the Labor Day celebration a remarkable one for your family and friends!


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