10 Interior Color Schemes to Warm You Up This Winter

10 Interior Color Schemes to Warm You Up This Winter

January 02, 2023 8 min. read
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The temperature outside gets lower, so we prefer staying inside in a cozy round, with our friends and family. Here appears the need for ideas on how to make your interior feel warmer this winter. So get ready to bring some heat in!

Winter color combinations don’t have to be cold or extra festive as one may expect. At the same time, the holiday season is the best time for unusual experiments! You are finally in out-of-office mode and can bring all of your interior ideas to life. Read these top ten decorating color palette ideas to light up your home interior design!

1. Ivory & Black

Snowy colors paired with rich wood patterns provide a sense of warmth. Creamy ivory softens strong black and creates a welcoming atmosphere around. Better go with this color scheme in the living room. Place two ivory armchairs and a black sofa in your lounge to provide enough seating for everyone and get a flawless color-furniture fit. To change the color of your couch and armchairs without buying new ones, simply go with slipcovers!

2. Mango & Navy Blue

Both rich and deep colors such as mango and navy blue can brighten up any space. These tones of joy uplift the mood and awaken a strong desire for action. They make oasis dreams come true in the middle of winter. The combination of mango sofa and navy blue pillows (or vice versa) proves that summer lasts as long as you want to. Such a unique color as mango is hard to find but our slipcovers for pillows and sofas come in this shade! 

3. Blue & White

If you’re a fan of classic winter color schemes, then the patterns of steely sky, ice, and blustery winds will perfectly fit your dwelling. Cool shades of blue and white will evoke the spirit of winter. So prepare for long nights with a quick interior makeover.

Put white pillows on the blue sofa imitating snowflakes swirling in the sky. Use slipcovers for a swift furniture color change. Aside from the decorative purpose, they also protect the furniture from damage. You can spill hot chocolate on the slipcovered couch and be confident that it won’t get to the couch fabric!

4. Dark Chocolate & Tan & Mango

If you could watch the word ‘cozy’ taking a material form, you would find yourself in a room full of dark chocolate, tan and mango accents. You'd probably see there a dark chocolate sofa for a centerpiece, two mango armchairs placed in corners, and a tan ottoman serving as a coffee table. These colors speak for themselves.

The furniture in such a room will definitely be covered with quality Italian slipcovers. They make the space look effortlessly chic. So to re-create this feeling in your house, make sure you ordered the slipcovers in the exact same colors!

5. Teal & White & Bronze

Looking for color scheme decor ideas to soothe the wintery tension? Then the combination of teal, white, and bronze in your bedroom would do a trick. The warmth should be all around the house, not only in the lounge area. Distribute efforts evenly by taking care of all the rooms, including the bedroom where comfort and intimacy are valued most.

Go with a white bed frame slipcover, teal blanket, and bronze pillows. Teal and bronze accents on the neutral white background will add vintage flair to the space. Such timeless design is what makes an ordinary house look unique!

6. Tan & Red

Who said that summer can’t last forever? Let winter color combinations remind you of those breezy nights! No snow and lifeless nature around, but real red sunsets and tan skin. The easiest way to achieve that warm summer feeling in your house is to change the color of the furniture. Purchase slipcovers for every piece: go with a tan sofa, tan chairs, and burgundy ottoman. Rich burgundy looks more sophisticated on furniture and adds needed depth to the winter scene. 

7. Light Grey & Red

Pops of red on silvery grey add a unique design vibe to the space. At the same time, such a color combination creates a festive mood for a holiday party. When arranging the living room, order a light grey slipcover for a sofa and burgundy pieces for armchairs and an ottoman. Elegant burgundy accents would resemble festive holiday ornaments and look especially to the point. Compared with other winter color schemes, light grey and red fit in even the most modern designs perfectly. 

8. White & Red

The pomegranate color is such an expressive one as it reminds of a festive dinner table and brings a holiday spirit in. Its combination with white is a fit for those who don’t like light grey and red and are fond of more traditional colors. 

As for the furniture ensemble, burgundy pillows would look fresh on a neutral white sofa. Pops of rich tones mixed with a light background also offer needed warmth and coziness. Don’t worry about a white couch becoming dirty after one get-together, as our slipcovers are extremely easy to clean!

9. Burgundy & Blue

The burgundy and navy blue color scheme for decorating most accurately represents a summer dream. If you close your eyes and imagine these patterns in your house, you can smell vanilla and wildflowers around and feel immediate warmth. Isn’t it what you look for in winter home design? 

Take a break from holiday preparations on the burgundy loveseat complemented with navy blue pillows, and slipcovers made of soft Italian fabric will ensure your most comfortable seating. They are pleasant to touch and hypoallergenic.

10. White & Pink & Green

Green, white, and coral pink accents are a necessity to survive through long winter days at home. This vibrant trio adds a sense of freshness and even decadence. To create a complete image in the living room, put a green blanket and coral pink pillows on the white sofa. Having a blanket on the couch is a must-have for cold winter nights. Slipcovers both on the sofa and pillows will also provide extra warmth and softness. 

Have you already picked the color scheme for decorating your living space? The variety of choices and affordable prices for slipcovers let your creativity thrive. Share the article with friends and family to help them with winter interior makeovers!


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