Replacement Crate & Barrel Covers


Find slipcovers & couch covers for your Crate & Barrel sofa here. In addition, we have slipcovers for Crate & Barrel sectionals, Crate & Barrel sofas, Crate & Barrel armchairs, Crate & Barrel footstools, and many others.

Stylishly preserve your Crate & Barrel furniture

Here you'll find a wide range of covers to protect your favorite piece of Crate & Barrel furniture at an affordable price. So whether it's for a sofa, a chair, a footstool, or all of the above — Mamma Mia Slipcovers have you covered.

Let your Crate & Barrel pieces know how much they mean to you

Here at Mamma Mia Covers, we know how irreplaceable your Crate & Barrel sofas are. So we've come up with a simple solution: customized sofa covers for any furniture style in various classic colors and deluxe fabrics. Want to protect a new couch or hide stains on an old one? A Crate & Barrel replacement slipcover can do it all.

Stylish couch covers for every taste

Style's important to you if you've purchased a Crate & Barrel couch. Whether you've chosen the Lounge Collection or the Oceanside Line; whether you've gone with a sectional or a wooden base; and whether you prefer a classic farmhouse vibe or a modern style: Mamma Mia Covers made sure to include adjustable covers to fit ANY collection in an array of fabric options that will blend perfectly with your living space's unique design.

Gorgeous fabrics that last

Mamma Mia couch covers come in a few elegant fabric types. Microfibra, our most popular, is an extremely light yet durable polyester that also repels water, particularly suitable for homes susceptible to spills or pet accidents. For a more luxurious feel, try the Velvet collection; it also happens to be hypoallergic. Next, the Mille Righe line is breathable, tear-resistant, and hypoallergic; finally, Jacquard 3D combines these qualities with an attractive print. These beautiful textiles are soft to the touch and stretch in multiple directions, ensuring a snug fit.

Your wallet will thank you — and so will your guests

Mamma Mia sofa slipcovers are affordable to redecorate your living room, save you from destroying an expensive piece of furniture, or cover up prior damage. In addition, guests will feel more comfortable knowing they can't bring harm to a single seat cushion — and even if they spill any liquid, all slipcovers are conveniently machine washable.


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  • Microfibra:

    Microfiber slipcovers can be called a pearl among other collections. Microfiber is very thin and pleasant to touch while also durable. Slipcovers for oversized chair or other pieces of furniture made from microfiber look amazing! Learn more.

  • Velvet:

    If you are looking for luxury slipcovers, consider those made of velvet. Velvet slipcovers can withstand lots of wear and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Learn more.

  • Mille Righe:

    Our Mille Righe Collection includes recliner slipcovers, love seat slipcovers, washable sectional covers, and other items that are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They are breathable and tear-resistant. Learn more.

  • Jacquard 3D:

    Items from this collection are made from 60% cotton, 35% polyester, and 5% elastane. They will protect your furniture from wear and tear, spills, and other issues. Learn more.

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