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Looking to give your armchair, couch, sofa sectional, or ottoman a makeover without blowing money on reupholstering? Slipcovers are the answer you've been searching for! Whether you want to ease your cleaning routine or simply switch up the style, a West Elm replacement furniture cover will make your wish come true. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by how these covers mimic real upholstery, offering various fabrics, colors, and designs to choose from. With West Elm covers, you'll often be asked if you've splurged on new furniture — that's how good they are!

West Elm Covers for different furniture types

Tired of dealing with the stains and smudges that ruin the look of your treasured furniture? Say goodbye to those worries with West Elm slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers! These covers won't let drink spills, food drops, or muddy paw prints penetrate your upholstery. They act as a protective layer, accumulating all the dirt. And when it's time to freshen them up, just toss them in the washer — they'll come out looking as good as new! Moreover, with the nature of our stretch furniture covers that allows them to follow every curve, wrinkles are a thing of the past, so no ironing is required.

West Elm covers for couches

Instead of worrying about every possible action that can lead to stained or damaged upholstery, give yourself peace of mind by using West Elm slipcovers. These covers will protect your favorite getaway spot from tear and wear while giving it a look full of style. To enhance coziness, you can go for microfiber, and to add a touch of luxury, velvet covers are certainly a great choice. Made of premium Italian fabric, West Elm sofa covers provide the softest feel. They are also 100% hypoallergenic and pH-friendly, so even those with sensitive skin can put their feet up and relax to the fullest.

West Elm covers for armchairs

Just like any other type of furniture, armchairs deserve protection from dust, dirt, and those pesky direct sun rays. That's where West Elm furniture covers prove to be incredibly useful. It will only take you a few minutes to install one, but its benefits will delight you on a daily basis. Machine washable, durable, adaptable to every curve, and remarkably easy to care for, West Elm armchair covers are a hidden gem for any home. They also come in a myriad of colors and designs to suit every taste and interior — from neutrals to vibrant hues, you're sure to find something to your liking.

West Elm covers for sofa sectionals

Have you ever wished furniture could clean itself like in sci-fi movies? While such technologies don't exist yet, we have something that will simplify your daily routine. By investing in West Elm covers, you can save money on pricey cleaning services and time on scrubbing stubborn stains. To rid the slipcovers of gathered dirt, just throw them in the washing machine. It's as simple as that! No extra care is needed. With slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers, you can cherish valuable time with loved ones, sipping beverages and indulging in snacks, without worrying about spoiling the upholstery.

Finding your perfect West Elm slipcover

To narrow down options, select your furniture model from our selection. Even if it seems like the ideal choice, taking a moment to double-check the measurements won't harm you; instead, it will clarify whether West Elm covers are a perfect fit. Of course, you wouldn't want them to be either too roomy or too tight. Once that's settled, browse through the fabric descriptions to find one that suits your requirements. Microfiber is lightweight yet robust, while velvet offers a plush texture without thread loss. Jacquard guarantees enduring quality, and the Mille Righe Collection stands as both durable and sturdy. The final and most exciting part is the choice of color and design. These are the key factors that will help you transform your home into a stylish and inviting place:

  • Overall style. Would you say your room embodies a modern, boho, or classic feel? Knowing its style will help you choose colors and textures that complement your living space best.
  • Color scheme. Think about what your living space is lacking. Does it need a splash of color or would it be better to balance it with neutrals?
  • Special occasions. Add a little extra fun with covers for West Elm furniture! Embrace the Christmas spirit with white, burgundy, and emerald green. Incorporate soft pastels for Easter décor, and bring in beachy blues and sandy tones for a summery vibe. And when the spooky season arrives, switch up to mango and chocolate brown colors.

Care recommendations for West Elm slipcovers 

Cleaning West Elm furniture covers doesn't have to be tiring or time-consuming. For a quick refresh, simply vacuum up food crumbs, use a lint roller to remove pet hair, and get rid of occasional stains with a wet sponge and mild detergent. If you're aiming to bring back that out-of-the-box newness, separately wash slipcovers in the washing machine using a gentle cycle. Remember, water should be no hotter than 30 degrees Celsius. To keep covers for West Elm furniture in top shape and prevent any color fading, avoid bleaching, tumble drying, dry-cleaning, and ironing. The traditional line-drying method is more than sufficient.

How to buy premium West Elm slipcovers 

Before buying West Elm covers, check all the measurements to exclude unpleasant surprises. To do so, follow the instructions provided in the measuring guide on the product page. If it's a match, go ahead and choose a fabric, color, and design that resonate with you and go well with your interior. Wondering what it would look like in a real space? Take a look at the feedback provided by other customers in the review section! And if your total is over $99, there will be no charge for shipping within the USA. Get the most out of shopping with Mamma Mia Covers!

⭐ ️ Can I be sure it will fit my armchair/sofa/cornet sectional, etc.?

Slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers are designed to fit most furniture models within their fitting range. They also boast an extraordinary 120% elasticity, thanks to the stretchy bi-elastic fabric they are made of. This allows them to hug your furniture snugly without leaving wrinkles.

💧Do these slipcovers offer water/spill protection?

Our slipcovers offer excellent protection against dirt, stains, and hair, but they are not 100% water-resistant. Still, they can be easily washed in the washing machine whenever a drink gets spilled.

📦 When can I expect my order to be shipped?

We process and ship all orders within 3-5 business days. Delivery is available within the contiguous USA. However, for certain destinations, such as Alaska, American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Hawaii, the Marshall Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Armed Forces Americas, the Armed Forces Europe, and the Armed Forces Pacific, shipping might take 3-7 business days. Once your purchase is dispatched, you'll receive a tracking number via email.

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