7 Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Your Home

7 Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Your Home

January 06, 2023 7 min. read
Home Blog 7 Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Your Home

Rediscover the past with modern farmhouse interior design ideas. Combine a rustic cottage vibe with French countryside extravagance in your house. Make every second you spend inside feel special!

Adapt sophisticated cottage aesthetics to your casual interior. Just go with neutral palettes, light textures, and cozy decor, and you will see how approachable the farmhouse style is. You may have visualized it in so many ways but thought that such a makeover takes too much time and resources. Well, let us prove you the opposite.

Arranging modern farmhouse rooms will feed your creative soul and is easy on the budget. So let’s explore these top seven country farmhouse decorating ideas! But before we start, let's figure out what the modern farmhouse style really is.

What is modern farmhouse style?

The farmhouse style is inspired by natural materials and neutral colors. And contemporary farmhouse interiors are welcoming, cozy, and warm. As soon as you enter such a dwelling, you feel calm and relaxed. You feel at home. Farmhouse decor introduces rusticness, traditions, and timeless chic. But don't let the countryside vibe confuse you — even though it gives a vintage look, it can be easily combined with modern elements. So if you want to live simpler and feel more relaxed, let's show you the ways how to establish this design style in your house.

1. Go neutral

A neutral color palette is the base of the farmhouse interior. Layer whites, grays, and creams to add freshness to the space. By going neutral at the beginning, you create a contemporary background for further decor solutions. Pastel-colored furniture will connect all interior components into a single ensemble and let you style the space however you want to.

2. Add wooden accents

To achieve a farmhouse vibe immediately, add wooden accents. The smell of wood alone will take you to the dreamy countryside where all you want to do is watch sunrises and sunsets. 

Use wooden 'barn' doors to separate rooms and create intimate nooks for rest only. If you work from home and your office is in the bedroom, it’s utterly important to separate that area. 

Wooden furniture offers a sophisticated look and helps keep the natural theme. Though if you're afraid that it can get damaged, you can always put slipcovers on it! Their durable fabric will ensure reliable protection for your upholstery. 

3. Make a major visual statement

Highlight neutral background with matt greys, dark greens, and navy blues. Such contrasting colors can create both a sophisticated and cozy environment. If you were afraid of your house looking too pale and lifeless, these pops of colors would create a playful feeling around. 

If you want to go the extra mile with kitchen modern farmhouse decor, make a visual statement using gorgeous lighting fixtures. Oversized brass will support modern farmhouse aesthetics. 

4. Play with textures

Think outside the box when deciding on your farm house decor. A neutral background is the key component of this design, but it shouldn’t limit you. Mix and match different textures for furniture fabric. Add extra dimension with velvets and linens. To go even further, use jacquard slipcovers for your furniture. Their fabric has a unique design and the floral motifs will follow the farmhouse's natural theme and complement the pastel color palette just fine.

5. Style & restyle

The neutral color palette makes it easy for a homeowner to add new accessories as the time goes by. There’s no need to redecorate your interior when the new season comes, just add a few accents and enjoy the fresh look! You can also style your furniture with the help of slipcovers.

The general color theme of this style makes it possible to swap interior pieces or even colors, so your new burgundy or teal couch won’t ruin the image. One of the best farmhouse decor ideas for bedroom is slipcovers for the bed headboard and frame. The variety of colors from pastel cream to accented blue lets you achieve the countryside look in one move. This is how a single item can make a headboard a beautiful feature in your master bedroom!

6. Add function to your home decor

Farmhouse design lets you unveil your personality without cluttering the space at the same time. It’s both cozy and functional. When styling the kitchen, try to hang copper pots on the wall and put glass jars on the shelves. They would add vintage flair to the area and, aside from that, jars can be good for storage while copper pots can be used for cooking. 

Your farmhouse decor has to be both functional and beautiful — just like the furniture covers are. They protect the furniture from damage (stains, fading, dust, etc.) and offer it a brand-new look. The combination of quality Italian fabric, unique designs, and a variety of colors make slipcovers stunning decor items.

7. Make it a family space

The modern farmhouse house interior is at heart warm, inviting, and friendly. As soon as you enter your dwelling, you should feel like all outside troubles are left behind the door and you are safe. 

Even though we're talking about modern styles and decor, space still has to be family-centered and cozy. Encourage family and friends to gather around and spend quality time together. Provide extra seating in the living room and place bar stools on the kitchen island. Everyone should know that at your house they will feel at home. 

Mamma Mia Covers is always ready to assist you in your makeover endeavors! Let your imagination fly high and we will ensure that you both save money and get the best products possible. Have you already picked ideas for your contemporary farmhouse interior? Let us know!


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