How to Design a Cozy and Warm Space for Your Pet

How to Design a Cozy and Warm Space for Your Pet

December 20, 2022 5 min. read
Home Blog How to Design a Cozy and Warm Space for Your Pet

Since winter has officially come, pets have started to look for warm spots around the house. And oftentimes, those spots tend to cause many inconveniences to their paw-rents. To avoid having fur mess everywhere, design a special area for your furriest ones!

There are two types of paw-rents: one terrified of muddy paw prints and other who love to snuggle with their pet on the couch and sleep together in bed. Whichever type you are, you definitely care both for the pet and your house. That's why you should follow these dog room ideas to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. 

Remember to share these pet corner ideas with other paw-rents: help them save that expensive decor too!

Where should I make a pet space in my house?

Dog room design starts with deciding whether you want a pet to have an entire room or a dedicated spot in the house. The place shouldn’t be highly trafficked but quiet instead. You want to avoid disturbing each other and causing more 'logistic issues.'

The main thing about dog area ideas inside your house is arranging it near the family room where all members spend time together. Dogs, for example, thrive on attention and desperately need to be around family. But at the same time, they should have their own space for their pet affairs. 

1. Establish a dedicated 'paw area'

Post-walk dirt around the house is annoying. So, dedicate a special area to your four-legged friend to clean up their dirty paws after a long walk. This is how you'll avoid having muddy paw prints all the way to the bathroom.

Even if your apartment is too small and doesn’t have extra space, we got you. Our slipcovers will ensure that dirt stays off the furniture fabric. Who needs luxury dog bedroom decor if you can order budget-savvy slipcovers online and have an even better experience!

2. Create a pet nook

The best pet room idea is building a special nook for your pup. You can arrange it anywhere, even under the stairs or in the corner you’ve been trying to fill. A niche in the recessed wall works too. Your dog would be grateful for any tiny spot where it can relax.

Consider locating the nook near a window so your pet can watch the squirrels and other outside life through it. How much entertainment can a dog or cat get from staring at the yard? We wonder what’s going on inside their heads at that moment! 

3. Integrate it into a living room

If you're ready to dedicate a part of the room to your pet, place their bed or crate within their eyesight. Make sure to choose a place away from the heating vent and air conditioning. Also, puppy room ideas include keeping the pet's place far from direct sunlight so the bed won't heat up — because the pet’s safety is of the utmost importance!

In fact, anything can serve as a dog room in the house. You can create a spot for your dog inside the night table or TV cabinet. Good thing pets aren't picky and would be beyond excited in any case. They feel how much you care. 

4. Let your pet on the furniture

Yes, you've heard that right. Your dog or cat can lie beside you on the couch watching TV because our furniture covers protect the upholstery from dirty paws and fur. Every piece is made of quality Italian fabric that ensures maximum comfort. 

All our covers come with the practical braces that keep fabric in place and help avoid uncomfortable moving. Be sure you and your dog will enjoy this purchase. While arranging a dog's place in the house requires time and effort, a slipcover helps you in one move!

The best decision you, as a responsible paw-rent can make, is to invest in a pet's comfort and your peace of mind. A single purchase of a slipcover saves you a fortune on dry cleaning. So hurry up to apply our dog room decor ideas in your house! 

Happy pet — happy life!


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