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Velvet Collection
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Velvet Collection

Velvet slipcovers are arguably one of the best choices to upholster soft furniture. They do not show signs of wear as most any other fabric and are often used for contract furniture that undergoes arduous use. In addition to their practicality, velvet couch slipcovers from the Velvet Collection look utterly gorgeous, making them a luxurious addition to any home interior. 

What Is So Special About the Velvet Collection?Description Image 40

Velvet scores high as one of the most versatile and durable fabrics, featuring a hard-wearing structure that doesn’t tend to lose threads or raise weave. Thanks to this, it can last well for many years to come, making it ideal for upholstering sofas, armchairs, bar chairs, and so on. 

No less important is the fact that velvet slipcovers are very easy to maintain. Forget about expensive professional cleaning services. It’s enough to give it a wipe with a brush or clean it with an upholstery attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Even if you accidentally spill something on it, a stain can be easily prevented. All you need is to blot it with a piece of dry cloth and brush it slightly to return its lustrous sparkle. 

On top of that, velvet sofa slipcovers look fabulous. With their iridescent sheen and cozy texture, they can ideally blend in any environment and enhance its look. Besides, they come in a slew of beautiful colors. Whether you’re keen on mute colors or looking for a statement piece to use for decorative purposes, there’s a perfect velvet slipcover in the Velvet Collection for you. 

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If you’d like to make your living look more sophisticated, black furniture slipcovers in velvet can do the trick. Bold, intense, and downright gorgeous, black velvet sofa slipcovers can transform a room in an instant, giving it depth and irresistible charm. What’s more, black goes with just about any design. So, whether your room is furnished in cream hues or dominated by dark shades, a sofa upholstered in black velvet slipcover will be the center of attention. 

Would you like to add a pop of color to the room? If so, consider going for a bright mango shade. Oozing warmth and coziness, a mango velvet sofa slip cover will fit in, brightening up a space and filling it with positive summer vibes. 

Does your room have undertones of cool white? In that case, you can add a bright accent by wrapping your furniture with sofa slipcovers or reclining sofa covers in burgundy. And if you prefer the colors of nature, find inspiration for velvet sofa slipcovers in blue or green. Both colors look bold and refreshing and go well with most modern designs. 

The great thing is, we have a wide range of velvet couch slipcovers in a multitude of colors so you can buy a few and change them out whenever you like. Moreover, our Velvet Collection features various models, from regular slipcovers to T cushion sofa slipcovers to ottoman covers, giving everyone plenty of options to choose from. 

Advantages of Velvet Collection

Velvet is an excellent fabric that has numerous advantages. Here are some of the most remarkable:

  • Velvet slipcovers are renowned for their durability, making them a popular choice for use in home designs. They feature a wear-resistant structure that doesn’t break under stress and retains its softness and smoothness for years to come.

  • The properties of velvet furniture covers include water repelling effect. Fabric structure prevents the penetration of liquids into the fibers of the cover and makes it easy to care for.

  • Velvet covers look luxurious and virtually exude an air of sophistication, making them a standout piece in any home design. 

  • Velvet is also a pet-friendly material. Due to its flat pile, it doesn’t get scratched easily or collect hair, allowing its use in homes with pets.

In addition, velvet slipcovers are very easy to clean.  Machine-washable (30°C), they can safely go into the wash and look brand new for a long time without fading.

How to Buy a Velvet Slipcover?

If you’re on the lookout for high-quality velvet slipcovers, Mamma Mia Covers has got you covered. In our catalog, you can find a wide assortment of covers in a myriad of colors and designs suitable for all types of soft furniture. Our prices are more than competitive, and it takes no longer than two minutes to place an order — just measure your furniture, pick the color you like, and click “Add to Cart”. 

We offer free delivery for all orders over $99 within the contiguous USA and shipment normally takes between 3 to 5 business days. Should you become a member of our Happy Customer Club, you can also get a 10% cashback on your order. 

Is this fabric pet friendly? Yes, the velvet collection is pet friendly and hypoallergenic. Also, this collection is perfect for pet owners as the fabric is hard to be scratched with claws.
Is Velvet slipcover washable? Yes. Slipcovers from all our collections are machine washable and maintain color and shape after up to 120 washes. Please follow these washing and care instructions from the manufacturer: - Machine wash cold permanent press;- Do not bleach; - Low heat, tumble dry;- Do not dry-clean.
Are Velvet Slipcovers more expensive that the other ones? And how much are they? The price of our Velvet Slipcovers is slightly higher for it’s high-quality fabric. The price of each cover depends on the size and the model of your furniture piece. You can find it in the item description on our website.
Will Velvet work on a leather couch? Our covers are great for leather sofas. Elastic straps with buckles (comes with L shaped and Corner sectional slipcovers), attached under sofa will hold slipcover in its place. Tuck anti-slip cardboards with ridges (included) into the grooves between seat and armrests to prevent slipcover from sliding.