Cozy Winter Aesthetic Ideas for Your Living Room

Cozy Winter Aesthetic Ideas for Your Living Room

January 20, 2023 5 min. read
Home Blog Cozy Winter Aesthetic Ideas for Your Living Room

Winter living room should feel cozy and welcoming. You need to be relaxed and worry about nothing else on that velvet couch but deciding on what show to watch. Cuddle that fluffy pillow and enjoy your winter night. Sounds like a plan? Take fate into your own hands and make the most of winter to top off your interior! Discover top-5 winter room ideas to make sure every square foot of your house contributes to the unique aesthetic of this season. 

1. Rearrange your furniture

While waiting for barbecue season and cocktails in the backyard, get creative about your inside furniture. You can host lit get-togethers in your living room! Don’t worry about ruining your beloved couch though, a slipcover will protect it from spills, stains, and dirt. 

To create a feeling of lightness, move the furniture 8-12 inches from the wall. The space shouldn’t look stuffed. Thus, you will also avoid the effect of drafts and outside cold. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or a heater, place armchairs closer to the warmth. Moving furniture around is also a super fun activity to try with your partner. "Get that couch a little to the left" :)

2. Incorporate warm fabrics

Switch to thicker fabrics for extra warmth. When the winds are getting stronger and the streets are freezing, there’s nothing more pleasant than curling up on a warm couch. Tuck in that flannel blanket, turn on Netflix and change your mind about slippery winter.

Aside from keeping yourself warm, remember about interior design. Go with slipcovers to give your old furniture a new life. Unique patterns set a sophisticated vibe making a room look effortlessly chic. Velvet and Jacquard slipcovers are all-time winter bestsellers. Their warm Italian fabrics and refined designs create an intimate atmosphere around. Who wants to go out if you can spend a night on that burgundy sofa!?

3. Add faux fur throws

One of the main winter themed living room trends of 2023 is faux fur throws. They instantly warm up and make a difference in a room's vibe. To think of it, a throw can be a blanket made of any fabric: flannel, wool, or fleece. But fur really contributes to a chic and sophisticated look. To spice things up, don’t go with boring blankets but rather faux fur. A call of modern times, this design trend will definitely be your favorite. Just think of having a faux fur throw over a velvet couch! Simply gorgeous.

4. Rearrange lighting

The jewel of 2023’s winter living room ideas is soft lighting. When implemented, the house immediately feels warmer and cozier. The lighting creates an environment for you to live in so it’s important to choose the right one. You don’t want your home to feel like the hospital or those fitting rooms at the closing store.

Not just a couch, but soft lighting helps you relax after work too. It creates a sense of intimacy we look forward to when coming home after a draining day. To upgrade your current lighting, use warm light LED lumps or add dimmer switches to your outlets.

5. Swap out old cushions

Warm winter living room decor is never about faded colors. Add pops of color to your interior to get through those grey winter days. A simple change of cushions lets the sun into the room. And you don’t need to buy new pillows, just use slipcovers on your current ones. This is a budget-savvy yet elegant option for a cushion makeover.

Experiment with a variety of colors and enjoy your homemade oasis! A mix of mango and emerald green has all chances to win a how-to-live-through-winter contest!

Have you chosen your winter decorating ideas for living room? If not, hurry up to check out these interior design tricks again. If yes, then share the article with your friends and family! They need to stay cozy and warm too :)


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